Friday, September 09, 2022


 I went to bed last night feeling utterly drained.

And not much has changed.

Therefore, I'm staying in bed until I feel better.

ABOVE:  Until I get up and actually do something.. just look at me wall ok?

I woke this morning to such sad news.  Our most adored Queen Elizabeth has died.

ABOVE: Probably the last public photo of her, greeting the new Prime Minister of Britain, on Tuesday this week.

Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth 11.  1926 - 2022.

I have nothing nice to say about 'HIM' who ascends the throne, so I'll just shut up.

I am probably going to Cambridge again today for a meet up with some of the FGB girls.  A morning tea to remember our Queen.

I feel so sad.  She was my Queen my entire life.
She cannot be replaced.

2 pm:  Morning tea with the girls was just lovely.  We yakked for a good hour or more before coming home again.
Since then I've done nothing much, had me lunch and read a few more news articles about the Queen, and what's happening now.
All to be expected. 

3.35 pm:  I still have a damn annoying headache!
It's been hovering all day, but back with a vengeance now.  Don't worry, I know exactly why I have a headache.  
And nothing will change that for years probably.

Right.  It's been a very quiet evening.... watching some of the special shows all about Queen Elizabeth 11.  Kinda over it now though, it's on so many channels and is going on for hours!
Time to sign off for the day and catch ya tomorrow.


  1. When I woke up this morning the news said she was quite ill and a few hours later she had passed. It is sad news. What a life she lived!

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I agree, she can never be replaced. XO Ky Girl

  3. Yes sad news and king charles spaniel wat sort of mess will he make

  4. She was amazing. I asked to go see her when she visited the Canadian town I was living in and I was only three. My parents took me. She is irreplaceable.

  5. The last of her kind. I have no idea what the new monarchy will be like but I fear it will make us a laughing stock.

  6. Oh! I just LOVE the Paddington meme. So cute and simply perfect! (isn't that a Corgi?) Anyhow. She was remarkable.

  7. Anonymous1:08 PM

    So very sad, she will be missed so much, I feel genuine grief. Like so many others would be feeling. Bless our Queen

  8. Anonymous4:34 PM


  9. Leeann8:05 PM

    I'm catching up on your last few days of blogs. It is very hard to make new friends especially with covid in the mix. I suggest you join Waikato Quilters. I looked them up and they have a show very soon, 24-25 September at the Gordonton Hall. I know when I have moved to a new towns, joining the local quilting club is how I've made new friends. You don't have to enjoy the meetings,( some speakers etc are boring!) but use the club as a way to make new friends, with similar interests.

  10. What a strong woman, she will be missed. Hope you feel better soon.


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