Monday, September 19, 2022


 I need to resign myself to NOT doing any more painting... for the time being.  I simply do not  have the time to do it, and paintings DO NOT SELL at markets.  One day I will make some for gifts, but not right now.

So, I am going to put away all my canvas's.

ABOVE:  Stew was the one who suggested I find somewhere else for them, so I can use that space for finished patchwork stuff (Market stock).

I've found two really big suitcases we simply do not use, so I will put my canvas's in them, and then Stew can put them up in the attic (roof space).

That is my job for today.

Once that is done I will head into the sewing room to make more things for the next few markets. I have (all going well), 6 markets up until Christmas, then two more in January. So, 8 in the next 4 months.

I'm starting to really enjoy the markets again.  I was kinda over them back in 2019, before Covid struck and stopped them all.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the compliments I got on Saturday for my products, it made my hours and hours of work so worthwhile.

The money I make is NOTHING compared to that.

ABOVE: Our pink Azalea, flowering like a mad thing!  It's the 2nd year I've gotten to see it.  I missed it in 2020 because I was in Australia with my Mum.

It's such a beautiful shrub, and flowers for ages, we even get random blooms for months after it's 'main' bloom.

I might try and get a few more for our front garden, we have some gaps still.

I will get up soon and get the washing on.  I've probably got 2 loads to do, maybe three (this is a weekly wash).  Stew and I seem to generate quite a lot of washing all on our own.  

I can't imagine how much I did when we had 6 kids at home!  I think it was at least 2 loads A DAY.  

11.30 am, and that tidy up job is done.

ABOVE:  hopefully it stays looking that good.

ABOVE:  I'm now sorting out fabrics to use for more zippered pouches.
But first I think I will get some lunch, so I can work through the afternoon without getting 'hangry'.  😂😕

ABOVE:  I found 10 patchwork blocks sitting in a box in the garage.  I made them years ago when I was learning how to do traditional blocks.
So I thought, why not use them for pouches?
So I did.  The one above is the first two blocks used.

ABOVE: this one is just from some of my stash of fabrics.
I don't know if I will make another one today or not, I'm not feeling 100% right now.
Just a bit off.

11 pm:  Watching the funeral of Queen Elizabeth ll.  Very lovely service I must say.


  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    I'm having a huge clean out of the garage haven't opened boxes from when I moved in 11 years ago FFS 🤣 still can't sort out my Google Account so it's back to GM 💙💙

  2. My nickname is "Dame Wash-a-lot" because I'm always washing clothes! When in Australia last week with the family I was the one putting on a daily (or twice daily) wash. Here at home I do a dark wash one day and a towel wash another day. I only do low/small loads though to save water. I really can't help myself, I hate lots of washing building up and it makes folding and putting away so much easier.

    1. I do the same as I have no drier and need to hang inside from October to May ( I live in Northern Canada).

  3. Wish u lived closer and could rub some of your tidy up motivation onto so tired and sore hard to move one foot in front of the other most days and the muddle gets muddlier

  4. Love the red and blue one 💙

  5. I hope it doesn't get too hot in your attic (roof space) and ruin your paintings. Those pouches are darling!

  6. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Such a lovely service. I watched the 2nd half first and now I am just about done with the first half. I got up too late to watch it in correct order. Ky Girl


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