Sunday, September 04, 2022


 When we were at the plant nursery yesterday, we spied a bunch of Cherry Trees, in bloom.

So bought one.

ABOVE: So there's our new Cherry Tree.  

Only it's not.

We actually read the label as we put it in the ground... and we now have a PEACH TREE in our grass verge/footpath garden!  Whoops.

Oh well... it might not even bear fruit as the Waikato is a bit cold for them.  I wonder why we can buy them here if it's too cold for them?

Never mind, it's filled a gap.

ABOVE:  The other two plants we bought are two differing lavender bushes.  I stuck some succulent cuttings in front of them as well... so that gap is filled now.

It's FATHER'S DAY today (in New Zealand at least).  I got Stew a new toilet bag, our old one was, to say the least, DONE.

ABOVE:  Stew showing us the old toilet bag.  It is AT LEAST 25 years old!  Certainly time to be thrown out.  It was pretty manky inside.

Later on today we have family coming over for lunch.  I'm not going to any effort with the food for a change, we are having fish 'n' chips!

2.50 pm:  I'm making no apologies for not updating sooner.
We have had a wonderful time with family here.

I spent the morning just fluffing around in the house, and even got a runner started for tomorrow.

The family started arriving around 11.30 am, and by 12.15 everyone was here who could be.
Sadly young Liam had a cold, so had to stay home.

ABOVE:  4/5th of the girls...

ABOVE:  It wasn't a flash lunch, but it was quick and easy, and everyone enjoyed it.

ABOVE:  Marley getting a rump scratch.  Both dogs got spoilt rotten with loves from everyone.

ABOVE: The three kids about to play 'Hot and Cold'...

ABOVE: They all found a little present...

ABOVE:  Liam didn't miss out entirely, he was given his present when Amanda and Emily got home.

ABOVE: This was my favourite part of the day.  I made them all answer questions about Stew.  A "How well do you know Dad" quizz.  It was a huge success, I was so happy how it went.
It got everyone interacting, talking and laughing.
And all the adults got a 'participation' gift at the end too.

ABOVE:  Don't ask me how, but conversation got around to weight issues... in particular Lacy's guts!
So here we have Amanda and Lacy forcing their bellies out... then sucking it in!!!

ABOVE:  THIS FACE!!!  I'm sure she had no idea her mum and aunty could do that.  Gosh it was so funny.

Today's get together couldn't have gone better.

And now everyone has left, and I do believe Stew is asleep in his chair, 'watching' rugby.  And I'm going to probably lie down and have a friggin Nana nap too.  😂😊  

7.50 pm:  again, I did not get a nap.  Stew did, lucky bugger.
We didn't have any dinner tonight, we are both too full from lunch.
Now we are clock watching, is it too early to go to bed?
YEAH.  Just a bit.  If I went to bed before 9 pm I'd be awake again at 2 am.  Not worth it.

Just sitting here watching the telly till we do go to bed now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Happy Father's Day Team Harvey 💙 💙

  2. Enjoy your family lunch. Fish and chips sounds a great idea.

  3. Yum, fish and chips lunch sound wonderful! We are off to the Coroglen Pub with Stu's Dad and sister so I'm thinking fish and chips will be my lunch too! Have a good family day :)

  4. Have a lovely family day. Fish & chips is a great idea, no stress for you & you can get what you need for how many people turn up 😊

  5. Was such an awesome day 💙
    Again Happy Father's Day Dad, you rock xx 😘
    #Lacy 💙💜

  6. Happy Fathers Day to Stew and Steve! Looks like you had a fun family day!

  7. What a wonderful day you had. Belated Happy Father's Day wishes to Stew and Steve. Did you make the mice the kids got as prizes?

  8. Belated Happy Father's Day to the Dads. Looks like a great celebration.

  9. Anonymous9:49 AM

    What an awesome idea for Father's day Chris. I love the game. I was at retreat, missing my awesome dad. Kj


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