Sunday, September 25, 2022


 Sleep in today.  Daylight saving has started, so although it's saying 7.22 am on the clock, it's 'really' only 6.22 am.  Too early to be thinking of getting up, that's for sure.

Once we do get up, it's going to be a day to get those three vege pods fill of soil, ready for planting some summer veges in.

I won't be planting anything for a couple more weeks though.  Traditionally if I'm going to plant veges, I do it around Labour weekend (3rd week in October), so still plenty of time.

We are going to put the vege pods around the back, on the concrete pad by the Wood Shed.  I'll show ya later.

I will get Stew to plant the new Azalea in the front garden later as well.

Steve, Bex and the boys are coming over at some point, and I will talk to Steve about our gate again. It's still in the 'discuss it' stage.  Once Steve is up to it, I'm sure it will get made.  I don't want to push him while he's still not 100% over Covid, and his latest Pancolitis/Crohn's flare up.

Lastly for now, a few more photos from yesterday, cos I can:

ABOVE:  Leaving the Devonport Wharf on the ferry.

ABOVE:  I always sit at the very back of a boat, so if I need to I can safely jump off! 

It's just a thing.

ABOVE:  I spied a little bird at the downtown pier.  

ABOVE x's 3:  various views of Viaduct Basin in downtown Auckland.  It was such a busy, happening place to be.

1.30 pm.  Late post today.  We've had visitors this morning (family) and then we went to the Base for lunch.
Only all the shops were closed!
There had been a smash and grab' at Michael Hill Jewellers!

ABOVE: All those cabinets in the front were smashed.  Seems the scum bags got away too.
Crazy when you think of how many people were there and had a chance to grab them?  Maybe they were armed, I don't know.  We got there just after it had happened.

We ended up going to Mitre 10 for potting mix and plants, then Chartwell Square for lunch.

Now,  it's on to our jobs.

ABOVE: Steve has gone home to make a little shelf for me to use on my market table for the Kiwiana Zippered Pouches.  Bex took one home with her so they get the height correct.
Oh and the dogs went with them too, for a 'Play Date' with the boys.  
So cute.  They never say no to a play date.

ABOVE :  The paved area out the back by the sheds.  Just a dumping zone before.

ABOVE:  Now our vege area.  So much nicer.  We are going to get two more of the vege pods and some pots for on top of the bricks.

ABOVE:  The vege pods had hollow legs, so Stew put blocks of wood in them so soil didn't go into them.
And he drilled some drainage holes in the bases too.

ABOVE: We lined those gardens with the wood we are holding onto for burning in the brazier one day, maybe never!  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  I suggested Stew wear a mask while using the potting mix.  He did.  My friend Susan D got Legionnaires disease from potting mix and nearly died.  In a coma for weeks and ventilated... she almost didn't make it.  Better safe than sorry eh?

Stew is now doing the edges and mowing the lawn.  He'll be done pretty quick.

Then relax time.

Steve is MAGIC!  He not only made my little shelf this afternoon, but also something else.
I will show you the 'else' tomorrow, cos well, there's plenty on here for today!  😂😉😊

We are now waiting for Pizza to arrive for everyone's dinner.
Yes, no cooking for me.  Tis a good day.

And that's a wrap for the day.  It's been an excellent, productive day.  And HOT!  Hot in friggin September, I dread to think what our summer is going to be like.


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Lol clocks go forward one hour chick so it's actually 8:45am 💙💙 GM

    1. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Go forward in the Spring (spring forward) and fall back in the Autumn (fall back). - opposite in the Northern Hemisphere. Audrey

    2. I am in Northern Hemisphere and we say "Spring Forward, Fall Back" . So now it is fall and soon we will go BACK and it will be dark insanely early. But how does that work in NZ? It's not FAll there. Is it? It is fall here in Minnesota. In summer it is light until nearly 10 pm, in winter it is light until 4pm. BIG DIFFERENCE. Oh... brain is kicking in...... It is Spring in NZ? And the same holds true... Spring forward? Math and numbers and hemispheres - not my strong suit!

    3. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Yes correct it is spring here so clocks go forward then back in 6 months 👍👍 GM

  2. I would rather jump off the side of the boat. No motor there. So much beauty where you are. It's getting cold here. Soon all the tomato plants will die. Then 5 feet of snow and ice. Grrr.

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      I thought the same thing - straight into the propellors off the back unless the engine has stopped. Audrey

    2. To be fair - the boat would be moving forward and you would probably miss the propeller by a long shot. But the very thought of it is YIKES! And depending on the size and speed of the boat (I am thinking the 1000 foot Great Lakes cargo ships in Duluth, Minnesota near here) the propeller could SUCK you in. Ok, now I have the heebie jeebies! Just stay on the boat! If it sinks you will end up in the water regarless! HAHA Let's just ride on that beautiful sailboat she showed. We can jump off that thing any old way!

  3. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Good move Stew. My hairdressers dad died in NZ of Legionaires. Marie, Melbourne

  4. Hope Stew finger isnt to painful today geeze i was just reading the news these ram raid smash and grabs etc are getting more brazen only matter of time someone will get hurt

  5. Those vegetable/potting containers look amazing! I'm tempted to get some for lettuce over the summer. Oh and not just a mask... you need gloves too but still glad Stew had a mask on.

  6. I thought if you when I read about that burglar& hoped you had not been there for lunch today. It is scary how many people do get quite sick from potting mix, a mask & gloves are definitely the minimum requirement when using 😊

  7. Something wrong with the comments today. Try number 2. We will be winding back shortly, what a royal pain. I had a neighbor who died from potting mix. There should be a label warning. Good luck with the vegetables.

  8. It is so crazy how people do those smash and grabs. They happen often here too.

  9. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Hot in September! Not Got Hot down here! Kj


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