Wednesday, September 21, 2022


 When we were at the Tamahere market last weekend I noticed quite a few of the stall holders  had big mats on the ground.

Hmm.  It looked so much nicer than just the grass/dirt.  I didn't think to ask where they got those mats from though.

But I think they are probably from one of those Asian import places.  We have a few of them around this area, and also at The Base.  So today I am going to look for one.

I only want one that's about 2 m X 2 m, so it fits down the middle of me stall.  AND fits in the car.

Once home again, I suppose I shall get back into the sewing room and churn out a few more Zippered Pouches.

Margaret B:  I don't think I shall make any with Christmas fabric, as that restricts the 'time frame' that people will buy/use them.  I like that they are suited to all sorts of people, at any time of the year.   But Thank You for the suggestion anyway.

12.33 pm:  And well I've had a lovely morning shopping!
I decided to ask Bex if she'd like to come with me to look for a mat, and she said yes.  So I had some nice company for the morning.

First up, mat shopping.  We went to:
All the Asian shops.
Mitre 10. 
The Warehouse.
David's Emporium.
And finally, Bunnings.

NO ONE had anything remotely like I wanted, except one Asian shop which had a large plastic beach mat type thing.  NOT quite what I was looking for.

After the hunt, we had morning tea at the Base before going to Bunnings, the last place we visited.

And I managed to find a few things there that were not exactly on my mental list.  But oh well.

After dropping Bex back home I did a quick visit to the supermarket too.

Today's shopping:

ABOVE:  an Azalea for the front garden.

ABOVE: Three cute vege pods... might just grow some summer veges!  No bending down, awesome.  And these were a really good price compared to some I've seen.

ABOVE: Weed mat pegs, to hold the soaker hoses down.

ABOVE:  Yeah.  Coco.

ABOVE:  Another good reason to take ya daughter in law shopping.

ABOVE:  The makings of tonight's salad.

ABOVE: And lastly for now... this spot.  I thought it was the perfect place to park me car at KMart!
Like, me little car fitted there so well.
But spoil sport BEX said it wasn't a park and made me move!

I'm gunna put all the stuff away now then have a light lunch before going into the sewing room for the afternoon.

Gosh I did enjoy this morning.  So much fun making Bex embarrassed in the shops!  And it's so easy to do.

I've spent the afternoon cutting out more Zippered Pouches.  I will need to make a visit to Spotlight soon for more zips.  But not today.  It's now almost 6 pm, and I need to start dinner preparations.

Our dinner was just lovely!  Rissoles, scallop bites and my beetroot and feta salad.  So, so yum.

Now, wind down time.  Oh and I still need to do Wordle and Quordle.  Might do that now, then I can put me feet up and just relax.


  1. KMart have awning mats used by caravans etc for a cheap price. Look up "Annex Matting" it's only $22 and we use this under our awning. It can be secured by a few tent pegs and folds up easily.

  2. I have those tubs and they are fantastic for veges. That looks like a perfectly good car park to me. Pffft to Bex indeed!

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Maybe try camping shops for a mat, do you have BCF in NZ? Sharlene

  4. Where were the planters from??

  5. Maybe you're not meant to find a mat because it's just one more
    thing to haul home all wet and DIRTY; someone will trip on it for sure and get hurt; and who needs that kind of trouble!

  6. Happy planting! Enjoy the warmer weather.

  7. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I just got the very same veggie pods this week tooo!!! I read where you need to put in some extra holes in the bottom due to the water not getting out properly?? Not sure how big a problem that is - but I just put a extra 4 holes in the base part. Also the legs I filled it with cut up hard cardboard so not to lose any dirt down the legs. Will be interesting to see how yours goes. I have leeks and asian greens in them. Mainly because I put the leeks and greens in the main garden and when I came to use them they where all bunched in with other plants - I wasn't 100 per cent sure if I was getting the right plant when I went to cut them. So now I can just nip out on the patio and just grab some - it should be heaps better. Maria(Australia) Also raining here AGAIN hopefully you guys won't get it - because we are so over it.


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