Sunday, September 11, 2022


 There were a few jobs that we didn't get done yesterday, so this morning we are going to do them.

Then after lunch we are going to the mall to get some ear phones for me phone, cos that was another thing we didn't get around to yesterday.

In fact the only thing we did yesterday was have lunch at the mall with the kids.  

It was an incredibly lazy day.

Maybe we needed that.

12.25 pm:  Well we have been very busy this morning.  All our jobs are done and dusted.
We ended up doing a run to the dump with a full trailer.
Moved a few things around in the gardens and got two of the back sheds tidied up as well.

Now I do have some photos to share, but we are heading out to lunch right now, so I will post them later on today.

Not sure where we are going for lunch, but I want something warm!  

We had a late lunch at Burger Fuel... so yum.  Best burgers in New Zealand.

ABOVE:  When you have a kid in the house.

ABOVE:  This big pot got moved from right up the front to right down the back.

ABOVE:  Moving rubbish from the sheds to the trailer.... Miss Muppet was a great help to us today.

ABOVE:  Stew was going to take that metal seat/arch to the dump!
I was like, NO WAY. 
It is going in the garden, where there was a big blank space.

ABOVE:  Willy the Waiter got moved away from the trees and over there, so now we can see him better.
I can't believe I made him 20 years ago!

ABOVE:  See how cute it looks there!  We moved the big rock, (from our Cambridge garden) forward a bit so the arch fitted there.

ABOVE: We put these plastic balls out on the grass verge.  Free for removal. And they were picked up in less than a minute!!!

We put an old push mower out on the grass verge hours ago, it's still there.  Might have to park it in the garden, it can become a rusty bit.

We have Brylee and Quarter Mile here visiting, which is lovely.
'Quarter Mile' is Dominic.  Stew gave him that nickname. It's from the Fast and The Furious series, because the guy, Dominic Toretto lives his life "a quarter mile at a time".   If you know, you know.
I didn't know.  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

Dinner, well as we had a large lunch, Stew suggested something a bit 'different' for our dinner tonight.
He asked for homemade Apple Pie.
Therefore, that is what I'm making.
There is fresh cream, custard and ice cream to go with it too.
NOT healthy, but we are both just tired, and in need of some comfort food.
It's not like we do dessert very often, so I'm not feeling guilty at all. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

The pie was delicious.  There is more for tomorrow.  Oh Dear.

ABOVE:  I wanted to get a head start on tomorrow's sewing project, so just spent an hour or so in the sewing room putting this runner together, ready for stitching in the morning.

Now... it's time to go to bed.  Very early for me, but I'm knackered.  It's been a long day/weekend.


  1. Lazy is good. Keep it up lol

  2. Kiwionholidays11:25 AM

    I commented last night somehow it didn’t go through
    Was just fab to see all the happy faces at dinner n Lacy able to video in , What great technology these days
    Take care lovely sunny day so out doing front section work as the apprentice ✅Cheers

    1. Sorry about that chick.... I just approved it.

  3. I like your onward and last night's nite nite was lovely.

  4. Kiwionholidays2:04 PM


  5. A fun fort! The new ONWARDS are nice!

  6. Home made apple pie with a piece of tart cheddar cheese would be scrumptious.

    1. Apple pie and cheese? You are a sick puppy ain't ya! lol


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