Wednesday, September 14, 2022


 Late yesterday I started another Kiwiana runner.

I decided to do the stitching with a different coloured thread.

Not too sure about it.

ABOVE:  It's a much darker shade of blue.  

What do ya think?

I will be adding the binding this morning, so you can see the finished result a bit later.

This will be the last Kiwiana Runner I make in a little while.

Any suggestions what my next 'series' could be?

Once I've finished that runner I am going to make sure I have everything sorted for the upcoming market in Tamahere this Saturday.

And there's a bit of housework to do as well... much as I loathe housework, some bugger's gotta do it.

11.56 am: Been sewing all morning.
Got the 4th Kiwiana Runner finished, and then decided to do something with all the scraps.

ABOVE: The scraps, getting sewn into small blocks... think I might try and make them into a runner of some sort.

OR NOT.  I changed my mind.  
I will show  you what those scraps turned into later, if I get it finished today.

I've stopped for lunch, it's 1.45 pm.

5.33 pm:  Well my plan for the scraps has kept on changing!
I had thought of making a set of cute coasters.  Then it evolved into Placemats.  But now I've gone back to the original idea of another runner (or two).

They are not the same as the original Kiwiana Runners though.

I won't have one ready to show until tomorrow now as it's getting late, Stew just arrived home and I must cook his dinner.

Stew enjoyed his dinner of Mince and Bacon Stew, Herbed potatoes, Coleslaw and Mushrooms.
Followed by a little ice cream and custard.

I'm now snuggled in me blankie, watching the TV till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I like the new thread color just as much, and maybe more, than the other one. For your next endeavors - maybe something simpler, faster, more generic - for the general public at your shows. Do you have any more of that flower quilt left? Maybe just a small square table thing using one quilt square.

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I like that blue thread. I think it makes the other blues pop out. Ky Girl

  3. I like the change of colour

  4. Could you turn them into bowl cosies?

  5. or tiny mug rugs. or sew the scraps into a piece of fabric and make into bowl cosy.
    or funny birs. what ever happened to your little birds? I have one!

  6. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Love it best out of them all Chris :-) you are very talented. Michele PN

  7. Clever stuff!! Looking great 💙


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