Tuesday, September 27, 2022


 First up for today, I'm gunna get me housework done.  Then I have to post a Zippered Pouch off to it's new owner.  The post shops were closed this weekend, which was so inconvenient.

Once that is done I'm back home to put the top coat of paint on my little shelving unit, then I will make a few more pouches using this fabric:

ABOVE:  It's one of the kiwiana fabrics I found in Birkenhead, on the North Shore of Auckland.

I'm expecting some fabric in the post from that shop this week too. But until that arrives, I'll make a few with that really lovely fabric.

I've got Card Night in Cambridge this evening, so I'll need to get something to take for supper as well.  

12.40 pm:  And here I am, finally sitting down after a busy morning.

My parcel is posted and the shelving unit is painted.

I'm now watching paint dry.  Riveting stuff.

I have some lunch heating up in the oven, and am about to turn Netflix on and watch something.  Dunno what.

I have 31 Zippered Pouches already made.  Do I need more I wonder?  I had been selling them for $15, but going forth they will be $20 as I worked out I was making about $2 per pouch!  Not worth doing for that.  Hopefully it doesn't impact sales.

Anyone who's bought prior to this decision ... stay with $15 for your orders.

I spent the afternoon in my sewing room, got all the Zippered Pouches numbered, and printed out a picture of all of them, so I can tick them off as I sell them.   I also cut out a few more strips, a few more bowl cosy's and so on.

I got the final coat of paint on my little shelving unit, it looks really good.

Dinner was beef stew out of the freezer with mixed veges.

I'm now watching Coronation Street, then it will be bedtime.

A rather boring day ... clearly reflected in how quiet it was on here today.

Bugger, cos tomorrow is going to be even quieter.


  1. I guess it depends on the market but I would even consider $22.50

  2. That big is cute too. Even though it is "simpler" as in - one piece of fabric instead of strips....

    1. The other side has strips Chick.

  3. 20 is still reasonable price for the little pouches

  4. Hi Chris... and random subject: how are you going with WW? I got on the scales for the first time in ohhhhh about 3 years the other day - nightmare!!!!.... I'm now trying to lose a few kilos before I go away in Nov. for a two week softball trip

  5. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Chris what happened to card night in Cambridge. Marie, Melbourne

  6. Did you not end up going to card night? I was waiting for the update on how you did 😁

  7. I simply forgot ... and then it was too late to go over!

  8. We were invited to a friends house one night but it was a couple of weeks in advance. I totally forgot until she sent a message as where we were. I was almost ready to go to bed (@8.30pm )so profusely apologised


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