Thursday, September 22, 2022


I'm going to let my fingers do the walking today, and look online at camping stores for outdoor mats.

Then I am gunna get back to sewing up these:

ABOVE:  I think there's about 15 cut out there.

And I want to make some using the Kiwiana 'theme' too.  I have 5 really lovely dark green zips already, so I might as well eh?

Actually, I think I will do one or two of the Kiwiana ones first.  Cos I'm the boss around here and can do whatever I want.  😂😄😅

I saw this 'ad' on Instagram this morning, a slightly different way to bake ya potatoes.  So I had to go to the supermarket this morning for Parmesan cheese and onion powder.  

Hopefully it works out as good as it looked online!

I have started taking the girls out with me, just on short trips like this morning. Coco just loves being in the car, so why not?  They seemed to be perfectly happy sitting in the car while I was in the supermarket.  Marley isn't quite as keen as Coco, but maybe by taking her out and about more often will take some of her hesitancy away?

Time will tell.

ABOVE:  9 times out of 10 when I glance out my sewing room door... there's a bird perched right at the top of my Lace Lady Robinia tree.  Just sayin'.... cos it amuses me.  Sometimes there's two having a fight over who gets that prime spot too.  Amusing.

ABOVE:  first of the Kiwiana Zippered Pouches.  It took a lot longer than the others as I had to cut out and join all the fabrics together... but I think it's so worth it!  I think it's gorgeous.
I won't bore you all day with any more photos of more as they are all gunna look very similar.

So... go away and come back much later, when I might have left the sewing room.  😂😉😜

1.45 pm:  I've had lunch and am now back in the sewing room.
I got a 2nd Kiwiana Zippered Pouch finished before my lunch... and it's now SOLD.
So I better make some more!

5.15 pm:  I got two more Kiwiana Zippered Pouches made, so am happy with that.  4 today.
I'm now getting dinner sorted out.
We are having baked potatoes, a mixed leaf salad and Chicken Rissoles.

Our dinner was rather nice ... but the potatoes were not as good as I had hoped.  I'll show and tell more about them tomorrow if you are interested.

I'm tired, so am going to have a quiet evening and head off to bed a bit earlier than 'usual'.  Usual is anywhere between 11 pm and 1 am btw. 


  1. This is the awning/floor mat we use. It folds down well and you can use it folded in half if you don't want the full size down. RVSC Outdoor Floor Matting 3 x 2.5m Blue/Grey. It's from the RV Supercentre. We are staying near you at the Mystery Creek Motorhome and Caravan show for the next couple of days :)

  2. When we had our camper trailer we bought some mats for the annex that fitted together like big jigsaw puzzle pieces. I'm pretty sure we got them at a camping store or maybe Bunnings.

    1. Anonymous12:32 PM

      We use the same sort as Barbara out camping.
      Don’t forget to show us the end result from your baked potato’s 🤩

    2. That was my comment above about having same mats as Barbara keep forgetting to add my name to comment as…… 😖

  3. Love the pouch... looks great

  4. I want to see the potato post and/or your results!
    Those bags are great.
    So... dum dee doo.
    I want one.

  5. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Love the zippered pouches. They look so useful. Ky Girl


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