Friday, September 02, 2022


 What's our weather forecast... lemme check...

ok, it looks like we are gunna be lucky with 'mostly cloudy, cool with light winds'.

Tomorrow we are in for thunder storms.  Lovely.

But today is perfect for gardening.

And that is what's on the agenda.

Stew is home and he's determined to get all the gardens weeded and the lawns mown.

So, I've roped in some help.  Lacy and Bex are coming around this morning to help us get it all done.

NOT that we have a huge garden, but the weeds really have gotten a bit out of control.

What with all the wet weather, and then Stew getting Covid, they have not been done in weeks.

With the girls help, I'm hoping we can get it all done by around lunchtime or early afternoon at least.

Next up, what was the 'mystery' project I was working on yesterday?  

Well... it was this:

ABOVE:  A BIG fabric 'bag' to hold my market runners.
I have not been able to find a large enough plastic box for them, so I decided to do this instead.

ABOVE:  When packing and unpacking the bag, it slides over a trestle table and I can stack the runners into, and out of it so easily!
Then I just pull the bag's sides up and tie it up.

ABOVE:  I put a sheet of ply in the bottom, to hold it's shape and the weight of the runners.
It's brilliant, and is going to make transporting the runners so much easier than several plastic boxes.  AND I don't have to fold the runners up any more, thus no more wrinkles.

And that's made me rather happy.  Sometimes I do think of some clever ideas!  lol
Right, back to today.  I'm off to do the housework before we head out into the garden to do the weeding.

12.20 pm:  And it's done!

Between the four of us it took just over 2 hours, though in saying that, Stew and I started weeding around 9 am.  Stew is just finishing up the lawn mowing, then we shall have some lunch and relax for a while.

ABOVE:  One shrub that was given a death sentence.

ABOVE:   A rather large wasp nest was in that shrub!

ABOVE:  I am slowly adding succulents to my gardens.

ABOVE:  Stew and Bex deciding on who is going to chop down that spindly, half arse yellow tree.

ABOVE:  It really is a miserable tree... 

ABOVE:  In the end Stew did it.  Not like me, he chopped it down in small pieces.   I would have just gone to the base and done in it one foul swoop.  His method was better I must admit.

ABOVE:  That was deliberate, and a sure way to avoid getting your photo taken.  😂😅😉

ABOVE:  Girls at work.  With a saw no less.

5.30 pm:  I tried to have a nana nap this afternoon, cos I was knackered.  I think I got about half an hour, which is better than nothing.
My arms are aching now... not used to hauling weeds for hours!
But I am so very happy with how our gardens are looking now.  So tidy.  There's a few gaps, so a trip to the nursery might be on the cards this weekend.

7.34 pm:  OMlord, we just had dinner at Hello India in Cambridge.  For the first time we decided to have an Entree.
Yeah... we are now overly full and about to both sink into food comas!

ABOVE:  While delicious, we won't be doing an entrée again (we shared it), as it was just too much food!

Now that we are home again, it's a quiet night in front of the telly before an early bedtime.  Gotta sleep off all that food!


  1. That is very clever. Well done Chris.

  2. What a fantastic idea Chris ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    You know, if you lined that runner bag, you could leave it folded out on the table like that when you're set up at the stall (if that's a table that will be coming with you, that is!)

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    and sorry, seems Google doesn't like to sign me into Blogger any more! it's me! Colleen! Stupid Google!

  5. You are a clever little vegemite.

  6. You are very innovative what a great idea for your runners, your garden is looking so pretty.

  7. Shudder - I was just stung by a wasp a few days ago! It was quite the shocker, it happened within a second of getting out of the car!

  8. Love the girls getting in there with the saw…you go girls

  9. Brilliant idea with your bag. It's great to see everyone helping with your garden clean up - so satisfying to get it all done together 🥰

  10. Chris I got some Christmas tree boxes from the warehouse that might be good for for runners to be stored in. Well good days work in the garden u must all be pleased. I got a fella do some here yesterday wat a bloody mess he made and didn't weed the bit I have asked 3 times think I need to find another gardener.

  11. I just love your little videos, especially when I hear some kiwi voices. Gosh those girls, and you!, are great workers

  12. Well done on the garden. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  13. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Smart idea for your runner bag. Looks nice and tidy. Salivating over your dinner. Ky Girl


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