Friday, May 31, 2019


Thankfully today I get to sleep in.  I've not got work till 3 this afternoon, and it's a laundry shift, so an easy, non stressful shift at that.

I don't think I will be getting up to much before work really... I'm still feeling like a limp dish rag!

Not sleeping very well... got far too much on my mind really.

I'm not going to even worry about sewing for the next market, whatever stock I have right now will have to do.

Next week I've got 4 full days of work... all my private home cleans,  plus my rest home work too.  So...there will be no time for sewing!

After the next market I should be 'used' to my new routines/jobs and then I can factor in some sewing too.

It's been a right nightmare getting sick right at the start of my new job!  Talk about bad timing.

So that's me for now... I am in bed and plan on staying here for a while longer!


OMG they must have done A RUSH on my lab results from yesterday's blood test!
The Doctor put my results up so I could see them just now... 


Because the rate of Hep B infected people is so very low here, I don't think I'll get immunised for it either.
This was a one off, should never have happened, probably will never happen again incident.  The lesson I have learnt is to never,  ever put your hand INTO a rubbish bin to fish out rubbish! NEVER.

I'm so relieved.  

Just got home from work.  Where I don't know, I feel totally different now.
I know it's all in my head, and nothing has changed really.  But I just feel like all the other staff are no longer friendly?  Except the ones I work directly with.  

In the afternoon laundry shift today, I work totally on my own, and no one talked to me except the residents.  No one.  

I get the feeling us 'cleaners and laundry staff' are at the total bottom of the pecking order around there?  One of the other ladies in the laundry said that the other day to me and I didn't get it, now I do.

As I am NOT a quitter, I am still going to keep working there.  UNLESS something serious changes.  Then I'm outta there.

Friday night... takeaways I think.  I'm still battling overwhelming tiredness for some reason.  I'm thinking if I don't pick up soon I will need to visit the doctor.  I've just lost ALL MY MO JO!  So frustrating.

Changed my mind and ended up putting chicken steaks and Bubble and Squeak rissoles in the oven .... I just didn't feel like greasy anything after all.

It's the end of the day and I'm exhausted.  Again.
Off to bed soon as I've got work all day tomorrow, except for a break at lunchtime.


  1. It's always the way when you start a new job! :(

  2. So glad to hear all is clear!

  3. So happy the 100% positive was right. Best though to get it checked out and put your mind at rest.
    Gr8 lab results so quickly too,.
    Hope its a nice sunny day there even though I did read North and South having a bad run of weather late yesterday, hope its all back to morns for you all now.

    Enjoy the weekend all of you there ..


  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Yes, you are negative, but annoyingly it takes some time for Hep B to show up...if the patient is also negative you have nothing to worry about...everyone working in care should be immunised...also it is now a regular immunisation for all people.but especially health care workers.....we have no idea of the rate of Hep B infected people they obviously don't make it public, as a nurse we have to treat everyone with universal precautions.


  5. Glad all is clear...a big relief

    As a cleaner in a shopping centre I follow the same rule...NEVER EVER put hand in rubbish bin!!

  6. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Wouldn't it be advisable to still get immunised given we never know when (or how often) these freak accidents occur?

  7. Thank goodness for that hope your day went well....
    Heading back from Levin tomorrow x

  8. My daughter has just started working at an aged care home, she is assting the chef and delivering meals, playing meals, etc. she is absolutely run ragged. Maybe the other staff are like her working to a a very tight time schedule and they just don’t have a minute to spare, my daughter loves to chat to the residents but she just can’t spare the time. Does Brylee work at an aged care home too, if so how does she find it?

    1. Yes Brylee does work in a rest home too... her role is totally different to mine. She is allowed to sit and yak with the residents when she's not doing a specific job. I'm not allowed to sit down at any stage. And NO, I'm not even supposed to engage in a conversation with a resident, just 'good morning' or 'good afternoon' is it really! They do talk to me though, and I do reply because it would be rude not to.

    2. IN saying that though, the ladies I work with in our 'department' are just lovely and have helped me out heaps over the past couple of days.

  9. I would hate to think that people at your work think they are superior to you or any other person because of the job they do. If they are like that, it’s their loss, take care of yourself Chris, maybe you are just working too much and too hard,

  10. That's sad but I think the way with cleaning staff.


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