Tuesday, May 21, 2019


So yesterday I decided to close down my 2nd Facebook account. 

I had a 'friends' one, and a 'family' one.  Only the family one kept growing and growing with friends too... so I decided to merge them into one.

So... I put a post on my 'friends' one, saying I was closing it down, and to send me a friend request (for my other account), if they wished to keep in touch.  I  sent out friend requests as well.

WELL!  I then had to spend 4 hours sending out requests and accepting requests!  What a palaver!   

In the end I just had to 'walk away'... cos I had a 17 page Employment Agreement to read!

SEVENTEEN PAGES ... bloody hell!  Is that normal?  Having not signed one in a dozen years... I have no idea.

Oh yeah... I also have a 15 page 'Staff Orientation Programme' document to read as well.  Far out!  That's polite speak for F#*K.

This morning I am off to clean 'P's home... then home for lunch and a relax before heading off to the rest home for my afternoon shift.

I think I will be putting a nice bacon/vege soup on in the crock pot before I do much else this morning.  Then I don't have to get home and cook tonight.

Good thinking 99.  (showing my age there!)  Anyone know where it's from?  lol

I'm thinking of making a Doctor's appointment for me.  To have a fresh start with our new doctor ... talk about getting me back on track with the diet/diabetes/medication and so on.
I went COMPLETELY off the rails when our last doctor pissed me off over Griffin's medication.

I know it doesn't make any sense at all... but she just threw me completely offside, and I stopped doing what I should.

I've not had a blood test since OCTOBER, I've not been taking my medication very often, and I've certainly NOT been following my diet.  So yeah, time to stop being a dick and get back on track eh?

I will ring and make an appointment asap.

And on that note... I'm gunna go and get dinner on in the crock pot.

Catch ya later.


1.20 pm:  So I've been home about half an hour.  Today's house clean took 2.5 hours, of that, one hour was solid vacuming!  Man I really should have toned arms ONE DAY!

Just waiting for my lunch to cook... and relax till I have to head off to the rest home.

ABOVE:  tonight's dinner all ready to cook... when I got home I could already smell it.  So yum... I have some buns in the freezer to heat up to have with them.

What a day!  Two jobs today... and I'm knackered!
Thank god the next two days are 'just' at the resthome.
Friday is looking grim.. a 3 hour house clean then a 2.5 hour shift at the rest home... and all of it is done on me feet!

Do ya reckon this is gunna help with fitness and weight loss???? 

The Chef brought hot, home made pizza into the staff room at the end of our shift, when we were filling in our time sheets.  I HAD NONE... cos we got a yummy soup tonight.

10 outta 10 for resolve.  My taste buds probably won't forgive me though. 


Early night for me, with a big sleep in tomorrow. 


  1. Good thinking 99 is from that God awful TV show, It was called Get Smart and character was Maxwell Smart, an American action spy, he was known as agent 86. He was a total idiot.

    , agent 99 was his assistant, he was always saying good thinking 99, because he stuffed up everything and agent 99 managed to sort it.

    I absolutely loathed this show, it drove me crazy

  2. Anonymous7:38 AM

    "Good thinking, 99". I am showing my age too (as I am just 1 year older than you, lol) GET SMART tv show.

    Dawn Pinnataro, Albany, Georgia USA

  3. Sadly I know the 99 reference. My agreement etc all just as big as yours with a few added bits and bobs (working for police so you can imagine!!). Have a super day 😊

  4. Good thinking 99, make that appointment and look after you 😊😊 that tv show used to make me laugh!! Wenare all showing our age !!

  5. 17 pages thats a few, thats for sure.
    I know though you will soon settle in and will be 2nd nature ..

    Soup in crockpot sounds a choice idea . No need to worry about it, and all ready to go!!

    99 ref Funny you mentioned that. One of my nieces said she is getting a new 99 hairstyle (smiles) I know it will suit her but wasnt my fave show either but surely watched it a few times (peer Pressure)

    Have a great day .


  6. Yeah, 17 pages is pretty normal.

    I remember Get Smart, didn't they remake it a few years ago?? The Russian spies were KAOS.

  7. Penny3:06 PM

    I remember it well and I am only 42! Yes, long documents normal...

  8. Oh Lord me too I know the 99 reference.. standard amount of pages there. Happy reading.

  9. How was the soup".?

    1. Dunno.... won't be having it till it's around 7 pm, when Stew gets home from Rotorua. So, another hour to go.

  10. Oh no I hope you aren't sick! I need to break out the crock pot, I have hardly cooked at all lately because I just don't GAF lol


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