Thursday, May 23, 2019


This afternoon I am 'on me own' on the job.  I'm not too worried, though it might take me a bit longer today than 'normal'.

Only because I won't have my buddy along to help with finding the right rooms.  But that's OK... I know I will eventually get the hang of it.

As for how I feel:

ABOVE: yeah, I look and feel dreadful.  I've got a doctor's appointment at 10.45 this morning... mostly to go over my 'other' medications and get a blood test sorted... but I will be asking him to prescribe some Gees Linctus for the cough, and anything else he thinks might perk me up a bit.

I HATE feeling this sick.  My head is friggin pounding, my face literally aches and the cough... OMG don't even get me started on the bloody cough.  Oh yeah, my eyes are running too... like I'm crying.  SO annoying.

NOT looking forward to tomorrow.  I have a 3 hour house clean, then my shift at the rest home.  Something tells me I'm going to be shattered by Friday night!

Oh and just to add to my misery.  A year ago I spent over $3,000 on dental work.  Which FAILED.  I was IN PAIN ONLY TWO WEEKS AFTER HAVING ALL THAT 'WORK' DONE, and have been in increasing pain ever since.
First tooth:  had a root canal done... hurts like fuck ALL. THE. TIME now. (obviously it shouldn't)

Second tooth: It had lost a filling, so he did a root canal... tooth next to it started hurting right after the dentist 'fixed' it's neighbour. 

Third tooth:  Had a filling done ... now? Pain when anything hot or cold hits it... obviously now needs a root canal.

Fourth tooth:  started hurting after all the dental work was done ... but did not show up on an x-ray as needing any work done to it.  Clearly it does need work.

I don't know what to do... I sure in hell don't have $3-4-5,000 for any more work!
I'm thinking of just getting the problem teeth pulled out and be done with it.

I dream of having false teeth to end my dental phobia... but am scared to go down that road too... cos I'm a bleeder.  Oh and I'd want to be knocked unconscious to have that done!


So sleep last night was marginally better... I just got up and it's 9.45.
I took pain killers at 6 am, so the head isn't pounding too bad right now.  Looking forward to seeing the Dr... though I know there ain't much you can do for a friggin cold.

Did the sensible thing and cancelled tomorrow's house clean... I know I won't be able to do that AND a shift at the rest home when I'm feeling this horrible.

I am not cancelling the rest home as I just started there!  Not a good look to call in sick after 3 days!  And I'm not around the residents that much, mostly I'm in the laundry.

So today's plan is to go to the doctor, then come home and sleep till it's time to go to work.
I think sleeping is the best cure... oh and some pretty good drugs! lol
As long as they stay down of course.

I've lost 3 kilos since Monday!

I sent an email off to a local dentist last night too... he comes highly recommended and he allows you to pay off the bill over 4 months.  So fingers crossed I can get in to see him soon... even if he only fixes one tooth at a time!  It would be nice to get rid of at least one toothache.

5.45 pm:  Run down of my day:

Dr:  went well, he gave me medication for the cough and vomiting.  My blood pressure was LOW!  He said is was due to not being able to hold down any food for a few days.  I'm now going back on all my medications, starting FRESH with him.

I had a blood test too.. I will know in a few days just how bad my HbA1c is.

Work:  Got there, the lady prior to me had done the ironing for me!  So lovely of her.  That saved me 15 minutes at least.  I finished bang on time... so would have been 15 minutes over if the ironing hadn't been done.  I'm allowed to go over for a little while, still learning and all that.

Now: Brylee is at work.  Griffin is a school Drama Production.  Stew should be home soon.  Maybe it will just be him and I for dinner? In which case he can have some leftovers, there's always something in the fridge.  I'm not hungry at all.  I always cough after dinner then lose it all.  Ikkkk.

So, rather than risk it... I just had a piece of toast for dinner.  I am now considering what I eat with 'how it will taste coming back up'!
Anything rich or flavoursome is a definite NO NO.  *smiles*

I'm off to bed very soon, a good two hours earlier than my 'norm', but sleep is all I want to do right now.



  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Oh dear, you are not having a good day and it's only early. I don't understand that you "can't have" any sick days for 6 months. Fair enough if you don't get paid and I'm sure you are worried about the impression it would give on your first week but what if you are contagious. It sounds quite dangerous since you are working in a nursing home. Especially since it sounds like you have direct contact with the residents. As for your private job tomorrow, I'm sure they would understand. Take care of yourself first! Hugs from Michelle in Oz

  2. I highly recommend getting knocked unconscious for it all, if possible. Otherwise gas is okay and I had a "blue pill" in Costa Rica that got me through some serious dental torture. Coming from someone with a few missing teeth and a "flexible partial denture" - I would highly recommend keeping all the teeth that you can for as long as possible. If you do get some pulled, a bridge or a flexible partial denture would be next best. I don't think dental work comes with any guarantees anywhere in the world - so unless this guy admits to and fixes his mistakes, I would find another dentist ASAP! One that specializes in "Scaredy Cats". (of which I am one, too) And get it fixed - avoidance is not the best plan! (trust me on this - I am the queen of Dental Hell)

  3. I wonder if you should have followed up with the original dentist once the discomfort started again, so that they could take care of it properly under "warranty" or whatever dentists do. The new one, as it is a new consult, will just charge you more now. Good luck. Tooth pain is the most uncomfortable pain there is. I hope you find relief soon.

    1. I lost faith in him being able to do a proper I just couldn't face any more work being done, not to mention the extra cost.

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    People can have sick days you just don't get paid for them until you have been there for 6 months. No one likes to be sick in the first week they start a new job but sometimes it happens.

    I hate having tooth problems and pain. There is a pain worse than toothache it is called Trigeminal Neuralgia it is the worst pain known to mankind and there is basically no pain relief except for some relief from anti epileptic drugs. When people get it they think it is toothache as it feels like toothache and get teeth out etc until they realise what it is and that dental work does not relieve it only an operation may poor little mother developed it and it caused her issues for 10 years until she died at nearly 95 a couple of years ago. it affects the nerves in the face. Chris I hope you can get some relief from everything.


  5. Oh no, you poor thing!! I definitely wouldn't call in sick after 3 days, no matter how ill I was! I remember starting a new job (second day?) and I had the foulest bug, fever, couldn't hardly get off the toilet!!! .... it wasn't nice, but I worked in advertising "boys club" industry where the thing was to just tough it out and shut up about it. It was a truly hideous day, but there was nothing for it but to carry on..... ohhhhh I still shudder when I think how ill I was. I can only imagine what my new colleagues must have thought!!!!! Christy xxxx

  6. I had a toothache just before coming away on holiday. I didn't like my dentist so went to another after a recommendation - wow, so much better! I was given antibiotics and will go back to see a specialist for a root canal when I get back. You probably need some antibiotics for your tooth/teeth so glad you are getting that sorted. We also took Buccalan a few weeks ago which builds resistance to the bacterial effects of a cold - maybe something you could look into after you are better? You can't take it while sick.

    I hope you improve soon - awful timing for you with your new job!

  7. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Aww Chris you really look miserable. Rest as much as you can. Love you. Kj

  8. Hang in there Chris. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  9. Awwww you look ill i do hope you're recovering and resting over weekend.

  10. Long weeks seem to be a planetary thing nowadays. Every week just goes on forever. I've been having a lot of dental. Two root canal, two caps and an implant. Not to mention cavities in practically every tooth. Best of luck to you on that. And I hope the pain goes away soon.

  11. Yeah definitely need to go to a different dentist, that sounds awful! I had one root canal and I still had pain. They kept telling me it was all in my head but eventually they found another cavity on the same side but different tooth and that was actually what was causing the pain.


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