Saturday, June 01, 2019


Every 2nd weekend from now on, I work at the rest home.
6.5 hours today and 6 hours tomorrow.  Best thing is I get paid more for weekend work.

But I'm not really looking forward to it to be honest.  It is hard work, particularly the morning shifts.  

So, if I get time to update during my lunch break I will, otherwise, it's going to be very quiet on here.

Catch ya later.  Have a nice day.  Miss me please.


OK... I'm home, had me lunch, and have 20 minutes left before I have to go back.
This morning's shift went well, and I felt much better being there.  Other staff were friendly today... and no resident complained about a thing either.  So win win today.

I've got a mountain of work to get through in the laundry today!  A shit load of ironing... I HATE IRONING!  Typical there's lots today.

But, at least I will be busy... I had to go hunting for jobs to do this morning cos I got through my roster a bit early today.  

It's a bitterly cold day today, I'm all wrapped up here at home, but at work?  Nah, darn hot inside that place!
Right ... back to it.

5.55 pm:  SHATTERED.  So tired after being on my feet cleaning for 6.5 hours today I just want to go to sleep.  And in fact I might just do that for a couple of hours.  Dinner can wait.

A few hours later and I'm feeling much better.  Stew cooked dinner .. pork sausages, mashed potato, peas, cabbage and gravy.  It was lovely.
So thankful he's so handy in the kitchen.  He will be doing dinner again tomorrow night too.  *smiles*

Now though, it's almost 10 pm and I'm off to bed.
Work tomorrow at 10 am, so I do get a sleep in.


  1. You take care, you are working very hard between both jobs not to mention everything you do at home xx

  2. Yep we'll miss ya. Have a great day 😁. Remember it takes time to settle in to any new job... give it a good couple of months 💛

  3. Anonymous10:05 AM

    We will miss you....if the job is too much with low pay and your back is not great...maybe think about it again...I know from experience that no job is worth your health...with the house cleaning you can at least work at a pace that suits you....or find a job that is less need to take care of your health


  4. Good luck for today, may not be as hard as you think.It seems your not getting much time off at all, May need to reassess your jobs somehow.your walking group is part of your life Id not like to see you forego that for a few measly dollars.Health is more important also.THE OLD M00.

  5. Yes, we miss you. A little bit envious, too. I work in a similar setting and the greatest joy comes from helping the residents and forming strong ties with them. And you get to experience that!

  6. Hope today is fun. If you don't love your job then seriously think about quitting. Life is too short to do something you don't enjoy - sadly some people don't have a choice - but you might find you're more cut out for private work.

  7. I hope that you are having a pleasant day at work ... and that the time is flying by. Enjoy putting your feet up and relaxing when you get home tonight.

  8. It is miserable shitty here too hope you have a good day.

  9. Happy you have had a happy half day Chris I am sure this afty will be just as good

    enjoy your evening at home snuggled up.. Its that kinda day (smiles)


  10. It was 3 here todsy and snow...lov snow

  11. Do they have any kind of social security in NZ? Just curious, guess I can google lol. Do you iron people's clothes?


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