Tuesday, May 14, 2019



The women in our family have been blessed with pretty good genes if ya ask me.
Have an awesome day Mum, and enjoy dinner out with your friends and Ron. 

Today  I've got work this morning, then in the afternoon I will continue working on this:

ABOVE:  (a work in progress) ...This one has three 'naked' trees.  Not dead trees, just naked trees.  I'm not trying to be 'Botanically' correct here, I'm just trying to make pretty runners.  Half those trees are not 'realistically coloured' FIR/CONIFER trees either... by the way.

And now... I better get up and load the car with my cleaning 'kit'.... get the bed made, tidy up around the house etc etc.


I mentioned I  had some news... well this is it.
I just had it confirmed, I now have another job!

On top of my own private cleaning jobs, I am now going to be working here:

ABOVE: It's a smallish rest home and hospital.  I'm going to be doing cleaning and laundry work.  The pay is a pittance, but hey!  It's more $'s in the kitty for the extras in life, and I get to work with other people, which I love.

Sorry if you thought my news was a new baby on the way.  Sadly no one wants to do that *sad face*.  Stuck on 13 grandchildren.

And OMG it's cold this morning!  Rather glad I have to go do some work, it will warm me up.

2.30 pm:  So today I was at 'P's home cleaning.  I gave P's name as a reference for the new job yesterday.  She got a phone call from the Rest Home and was asked a few questions about me this morning.

P said she gave me a glowing reference, then proceeded to tell me all about the phone call.  I was like, super relieved she said so many nice things about me!

THEN she said she was asked if there were any 'Negatives' about me?

And she said well... yes!  'P' told the lady I 'scared her' sometimes!!!!!   But in a nice way, I was a positive influence on her, and made her get more organised herself!  But I scared her!  I find that hilarious, sort of.  *smiles*

It was a bigger job today, I got stuck into P's two bedroom 'unit'.  Pissed off a hundred spiders!  Happy to be home now, having a break before I head out at 5 to do a half walk with the FBG's.   I've got about 4 half walks to get done.
And of course, try and keep up with the new ones that are getting released every week.

BUSY BUSY..... which is neat.  I don't like being too idle.  Like that's gunna happen now that I've got another job! 

5.40 pm:  Just home from a very fast walk... about 2.6 kms.  I got there bang on time to meet up with the girls who had done the 1st half of the walk.  The leader stuffed up a bit and said I didn't have to join them 'at that point', so off they went without me.  But I checked the map and sure enough, she was wrong.  So I ended up RUNNING to catch up with them!

YES!  I kinda ran!  So as I said, a 'fast walk' to begin with!  I feel quite tired, but it's all good.  

And now... I have to cook dinner then I'm hosting Card Night!
It's a simple dinner tonight, home made kebabs... meat and salad in a flat, thin naan type bread.  YUMMY.

ABOVE:  So happy to get the 2nd half of this walk done.  And in the 'daylight' too.  So many lately I've only managed to get to in the evening.

Dinner is ready.  And now I'm just waiting for the Card girls to arrive.

Cards is over, I did not win or lose. It was a lovely couple of hours... but I'm now done in.  It will be an early night for me.


  1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    I love it Chris. It's perfect for autumn lovers. Ì think it will sell well. Kj

  2. Happy Birthday Old Moo
    Love the table runner
    Congrats on the Job. Extra money to buy supplies and no time to use them haha

  3. Your mother looks beautiful - definitely does not look her age. Great news on the job too - you’ll the social aspect for sure.

  4. Wow 2 yrs since your mum 80th party where did that go. Wow u will need more hours in your day to fit all your jobs in and play...money may be pittance but some of your markets didn't pay much for the time and effort and cost of supplies and over winter be darn site warmer lol

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind wishes on my birthday.Beautiful fine day here in Coffs Har bour.No wind and quite mild.Having a quiet day and going out to dinner tonight.Do love the table runner looks right with the naked trees.Congrats on the new job dont overdo it though cant afford for you to get ill.

  6. Well done you on getting the new job, I think you will love working there :-).

  7. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Hello, I enjoy reading through your post. I wanted to write a little comment to
    support you.

  8. Penny has left a new comment on your post "OLD MOO'S BIRTHDAY":

    Congratulations on the new job Chris! Well done. Tree runners are lovely! xx


  9. Love the look of the new place to work Chris. Thats got the old world charm about the place, and I am sure you will enjoy being among them all there.

    New tree runners are pretty nice too ..

    True what Freedom said inside work in the Waikato winter,, sure beats doing the markets too many times (smiles)

    Your Mum surely doesnt look 82 and a bright happy smiley person always looks young and well,,


  10. Hope your mum had a nice day.
    I love the new runner.
    Buwhahahaha you're scary! Funny that she told you good in you fir getting out there.

  11. Lacy Harvey5:04 PM

    Happy Birthday Granny hope you are having a lovely relaxing day with Ron xx

  12. You're incredible! Your own house and family,cleaning others so damn well you scare people, sewing and now this job.
    AWESOME....oh and walking too. Even more awesome

  13. Even here, in the tropics, the trees lose their leaves once a year. So I think your "naked trees" are perfectly appropriate.
    You are mentioned in my post today.
    Happy Birthday Mum!!!!

  14. 2 Things.
    1. I commented a few months ago that you and I are alike in that we can't just sit around and do nothing. You disagreed! This was when you had been working your tail off to prepare for a craft show. You and Stew had the car loaded the night before. So, for all practical purposes, you were done and ready. AND THEN you sewed an entire tree table runner that night! Since that day - you have never had a "lazy day". You are ALWAYS doing something! Todays quote " BUSY BUSY..... which is neat. I don't like being too idle. " As I chuckle to myself!

    2. I know you are not making Botanically correct trees.... But as an interesting little tidbit.... There are trees near me called "Tamarack". They are "pine" trees that turn gold in the fall and lose their needles over winter. They are truly "naked trees"! But I don't know any trees that turn "blue"! I think a blue one would be darling as well!


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