Friday, May 10, 2019


Work, then guess what?

You don't really need to guess do you?

I will be sewing!  Of course.

But first, I have a solid 3 hour job ahead of me... super big house again.  Though, it's a nice house to clean, just big.

These are the 4 Small Tree Runners I got finished yesterday:

ABOVE:  I did one differently than 'usual'.  With black binding.

What do you think of it?  Yes or No?  I will be doing 4 more today/tomorrow, so if anyone thinks I should do more with black binding, let me know!

Thank goodness it's Friday!  I don't have to cook so much tonight, just a silly bugger dinner of chicken steaks and hash browns I think.

And now... I'm off to make a start on my day.


1.11 pm:  just home from cleaning.

I had a little mishap this morning.
Drove into the lady's driveway, swung around so I could back up to the garage and WHOOPS!
Drove straight into their basketball hoop pole, which was luckily on a tyre, so it moved.
But I did hurt me car a little bit:

ABOVE:  Scraped a bit of paint off, it doesn't look too bad cos it's wet... but so lucky there's no big dent!
I scared the living daylights out of myself and the lady in the house!

She came running out all concerned, but I told her at the end of the day it's JUST A BLOODY CAR!

Then I told her be thankful I didn't run into her house!  lol

Next time I go there, I'm gunna just park like 'normal' and not try to do any fancy swinging around!  Basketball poles DEFEND THEMSELVES!
Oh and yeah, I need to take some food for myself, I was starving half way through the job!
Not a good feeling being hungry, I avoid it like the plague.  *smiles*

I made a lemon meringue pie thing last night, had some.  Not having any more.  It upset my stomach something rotten... felt ill all night long.

Now, some lunch then back to the sewing.  I will try doing one of the tree runners with some black stitching around a tree or two, and black binding, let's see how it looks.

Two hours later... after being on the phone with FBG stuff for a while... I finally have the next small tree runner to show you:

ABOVE:  So, I did two trees with black stitching... and the black binding. I think it looks OK-ish, not too sure.  I will leave it at just two like that and see how they go for now.

I have put quite a chunky cushion behind my back while in the chair sewing, it's helping I think.  Though my back is nowhere near as sore today, even though I did 3 hours of housework this morning!   Must be getting better...

And now.... I will get back to it.  

9.40 pm:  such a long day!  But, I have got so much done... tomorrow I will finish the last two small Tree Runners, that will mean I did in fact get all 8 finished.  GO ME!

I might even get time to make something else for market... not sure what though.

Now, it's time to actually sit and do ... NOTHING.


  1. I think you should do another with black binding. What if you outlined the trees in black too? For a "high contrast" sort of thing.

  2. Love the black binding Chris. It really makes it stand out. Lovely :-)

  3. I love the black it really makes the trees 'pop's.

  4. The black contrast works as long as there are trees with black in the runner (as you have got). You could experiment with the black outline like Dogstars said but maybe just to a little test one to see. I'd do some with black edge and some green - cater for all tastes :)

  5. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Black looks good, with the black trees, green looks good all your sewing looks great...


  6. Oh bugger about car verse basket ball hoop as you say thank good news hoop was on tyre and moved

  7. Love the black 🖤

  8. Loving the black binding too, But having said that ,like the green as well.

    Sorry to hear about the car , Maybe it will buff up with a buff n polish ,and the dealers will sell you a wee bottle of matched up touch up paint for that model to save it rusting till its done??

    Like you say its only a car and so good it wasnt anything more solid you hit.

    Have a great afternoon and hope you have a nice sunny spot to sew in!!


  9. I really like the black around the tree runners

  10. I backed into a concrete thing one time. Oh my God scared the crap out me. I had a similar spot on my car lol.


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