Friday, May 24, 2019


Today I have a shift at the rest home in the afternoon, then a three day break. 
I am thankful as hell.

I'm not used to working 5 days in a row, and even though my shifts are short... they still have taken it out of me.  

Probably worse seeing as I'm sick right now of course.  I hope I recover fast and can really get into the swing of things while feeling 'normal'.

This morning I am going out to get some white socks... all mine have 'disappeared' somehow.
I know I bought NINE pairs not that long ago, but now I can only find three!  Grrrr.
I need white ones for work, so I'm sure I can get some from the local Warehouse.

Apart from that, I have no plans for today.  

I have to say it... (but don't want to jinx it), I'm feeling a TINY bit better this morning?  Fingers crossed that continues.

I have really missed going on FBG walks this past week... but there was NO WAY IN HELL I could have managed 1 km, let alone 6!  And I don't think I will be getting back to them in the next couple of weeks either, I want to get used to working my private cleaning jobs AND the rest home first.

I know this means I will fall behind with the Urban Challenge aspect of being an FBG, but I'm not going to try and finish the challenge this year.  My heart isn't in it any more... not after the upsets a while ago.

Right, I'm off to find some Codral Cold and Flu to start the day with.


Well ... spoke a bit soon about feeling better.  But nevermind... I've got three days coming up to get even better right?

Got 5 pairs of white socks for $8 from The Warehouse!  And three winter tops, so CHEAP!  Just for around home,  they will be fine.

Just had lunch... think that made me feel worse of all things.  Grrrrr.

I'm going to just sit and relax now till I have to go to work.

Did I tell you, my arms are KILLING ME?  Folding huge amounts of washing does that!

ABOVE:  I just made a dental appointment!!!
June 5th.  For an 'examination' to start with.  I'm already crying with nerves.  I cried on the phone to the dental receptionist too.  I'm a friggin cot case.  God I hate this so much.

Almost time to head off to work.  Trying to calm down after that phone conversation.  

6.00 pm:  And I've been home from work for about 10 minutes.  NOT because it took longer than my allocated time, but because me mother rang me just as I ended my shift!  So we yakked for a while before I could come home.
As ya do.

Today went very well, even though I felt dreadful again.. my ears were blocked and I kept feeling dizzy and nauseous... not exactly fun I must say.  But OMG I hope I'm better by Tuesday!

I got told I had lovely 'young' legs today by a room full of people!  Visitors AND the resident!
A bit funny as I AM 60.
I am surprised at how many of the residents already know my name, and make a point of saying it.
I have no idea who any of them are! I still have to look on the door for their names. 

I finished with 15 minutes to spare again today, but again, the lady before me had done the ironing for me.  Such a lovely girl... I gave her a big hug (and hopefully not my germs!).

Now... just put some food in the oven for dinner, and it's RELAX time.  FOR THREE DAYS. 

Dinner:  yeah kinda hungry but can't eat much at the moment... just feel sick.  And scared it will come back up again to be honest.  Started taking all my medications again... and now have the shits JUST to make me feel even more rotten.

I'm a total misery guts... SORRY.

With any luck tomorrow will be better?


  1. Pleased to hear you are feeling better. I hate having a cold. Just a quick note, in a small town not far from where I live, here in London, Ontario, Canada, there is a quilt festival this week. This town has a festival every year, which features quilts from a different country. This year is New Zealand. Being a quilter I go every year and never been disappointed in the displays, and was very impressed with this year's. However, this year was different, most of the quilts were "art quilts" or "small wall hangings", usually there is a mix of these types along with big bed quilts. So it got me to thinking, the reason for the small quilts, is that the fabric is really expensive, Is this the case? Anyway, I loved the quilts. By the way I also like your last tree table runner, the one with the bare trees. Look at your ramblings every day. Patricia

  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better, remember to get as much rest as possible which I know is hard for you since you like to be doing stuff.

    Siobhan is finding the same as you, this working lark is tiring!! She is only casual at her new job but has picked up 3-4 shifts most weeks & actually did 5 days in a row plus an evening training so she was shattered - welcome to adulthood kiddo lol. You will get used to the regular working.

    Once you are feeling a lot better, start doing the FBG walks even if you break them down into 2 parts so you are not jumping straight into a 5km immediately.

    Hope you are feeling heaps better today :-)

  3. My first post after reading for a year. :)

    I'm 66 just retired worked as a domestic in aged care for 13 years- 5 days a week. Gov Dept ... I would drop the shifts at the rest home.

    You will get sick with coughs, colds and you're at the age to get shingles if you had chicken pox as a child. (There is a shingles vaccination.)

    Does your doctor know your workload. The extra money is not worth it, if your health suffers.

    Be kind to yourself ... as you age your body doesn't recover as well after strenuous activities.

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Take care.

  4. My friend hereis bad with going dentist too she has to get a sedative from her doctor to take...hope u can get something to calm you down a bit...bacd enough being sick without stressed to max

  5. I hope today has gone well a d you will need TLC for sure.

  6. Gentle hugs for poorly you. I do hope you get well soon.

  7. Rest well and feel better soon. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.


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