Saturday, May 11, 2019


Today I'm not doing too much... might even stay in bed for a while.

I've got two small Tree Runners to finish, which won't take me too much time at all.
Then ?

Not sure.  I could start something else for the Market I suppose.

But I'm wondering if I should just have a chill out day?

It's been a busy week... work, sewing, walking, bla bla bla.  I'm a bit tired.

Tomorrow is Mothers Day, and I will be working on my stall at the Market.

So, yeah, think I might just have a cruisy day.

Oh I just had a thought!
I could do some more acrylic painting this afternoon!  Now there's an idea.

The first three have about another 2 weeks to 'cure' before I can prepare them for varnishing.  That is quite a process too... you have to get all the silicone off the canvas before you can put the varnish on.  I am looking forward to seeing them varnished!
But for now, I will probably do 2-3 more today.


Right... I'm gunna roll over and sleep in some more!  Catch ya later.


No Felicity!  I am not still in bed.  lol
I got outta bed at about 9.30 and immediately started sewing again.
And I'm happy to say that after 4 and a half hours I've finished what I wanted to get done for tomorrow.

ABOVE:  So this week I have made and finished the large Wonky House Runner and 8 small Tree Runners, AND I've finished off those 4 Wonky House Placemats too.  The two pink ones, if they don't sell tomorrow, will be donated to our Pink Ribbon Breakfast Fundraiser next Sunday.

I will tell you more about that another day.

Now though, I'm happy to say I'm done sewing and am moving on to some painting.

PAINTING.  *sigh*
Wasn't my day to paint.
I got one 'right'... or rather how I envisioned it.
One was a 'happy accident'.
And one was a bloody disaster!

I take my hat off to all those clever artists out there, who make it looks SO EASY on You Tube!!!

It's certainly NOT easy.   

And now it's nearly dinner time and I'm knackered.

Tomorrow it's Market Day.. so a bit hectic to get down there and set up, then REST on me bum and hope the punters are spending for Mother's Day!

I'm signing off now, I'm ready to just sit and watch some mindless TV and have dinner dished up to me by Stew.  He's cook tonight.


  1. Surely u aren't still snoring

  2. Take pictures! I have been wondering how the other paintings are "curing". Do they look any different as they dry?

  3. Lov the pink trim...I've donated 20 of my greeting cards for pink ribbon breakfast too awesome cause

  4. All set out like that they look lovely Chris. I can see they take lots of time and hope that buyers will flock to them .

    Only a craft person or tradesman knows the hours that go in to doing things with those skills, and its lovely to know that others get to have them in their homes and enjoy them.

    Took my husbands Watch to a Jeweler who works from home this morning ,,to get the battery replaced . Just to watch him at work was fascinating. He is from the old school ,in his 70s with all the tools, and his patience is amazing.

    Replaced a wee part as well cos Mr Minute kiosk did it last time , Before we knew the home man!!! and broke a bit (unknown to us) while replacing the battery,, and charged $20.

    When I asked how much he said $5, I said thats what I usually pay you for just a battery replacement ,,what about the extra part and he said thats ok a pleasure to get the work and smiled .

    I felt bad,, but like my husband said thats why we take all our stuff there, cos he is quick and knows what he is doing.

    Enjoy the markets tomorrow and wrap up warm !!


  5. Lovely to have DH who works in with us when we have had a huge day/week and vice versa .


  6. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Runners look fantastic Chris I do like the contrast of the Black and green


  7. I agree the black Binding looks good when there are trees with black in them.

    Suggestion - try brown (trunk) binding on one when there are only green trees.

  8. I like the pink ones, cute!


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