Sunday, May 19, 2019


ABOVE:  This morning will be my first ever time attending a Pink Ribbon Breakfast.
It is a fundraiser event for Breast Cancer.

First thing I have to do is pick up a platter of food from a cafe close to my home and take it down to the venue.

Then I'm coming home to get ready.  Then back as a guest.  I hope it's a lovely morning.

The lady who had a go at me yesterday is going to be there too... so I am hoping we are not at the same table... if we are I am moving for bloody sure.

I HATE CONFRONTATIONS, I actually end up feeling physically sick!  So... I do hope I actually enjoy the morning.

Once I'm home I shall be sewing... best way for me to wind down.

So, that's me for now.  Fingers crossed for a good update later.

OH.... I am utterly in love with this song:

Enjoy.  You're welcome.  *smiles*


2.41 pm and I'm home.
I was so busy helping set up, pick up food and so on I had no time to worry about 'who' was there or not.
And not was how it turned out to be... AS IN... the person I was upset with was not there. 

So, it was a really lovely event, I'm sure we raised a very good amount for Breast Cancer New Zealand.  Total tally is not known yet.

I sat next to 'C' and she won an awesome auction, then I needed to move (too hot in the sun), so I went and sat next to 'R'... and blow me down... she won TWO of the raffles!!!!  And she won the 2 Pink Wonky House Placemats I donated too!!!  

 ABOVE:  My dear friend Sue T... she went in her pyjamas... and rollers in her hair.  What a hoot!

 ABOVE:  The 'grazing' tables are such a fantastic idea!  Like platters, but just food on the tables ...  we had PLENTY of food!
All of it was donated too.  There's so many generous people eh?

 ABOVE:  We all got a t-shirt to decorate. Lots of fun, lots of boobs featured.  *smiles*

and there ends my wrap up on the event.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Now I'm going to chill out for a little while, then do some sewing I think.

Forgot to mention, when I got home my phone started pinging... wi-fi kicked in!
And I had 2 private messages from the lady who upset me so much yesterday.
I was really hesitant to open them, sure it would be more of the same.

But no.  Thank goodness.  She'd had a night to think on what she'd said, and she apologised.  It was a kinda back handed apology, as she still reiterated her opinion on what went down... but I accepted her apology as it was the right thing to do.

So, while I'm still a bit annoyed about it all, I've learnt a valuable lesson.  Keep my mouth shut.
You want to question a walk for whatever reason... DON'T.

I have almost finished that large Autumn Tree Runner... will be able to show you tomorrow all going well.

Tomorrow!  I do my first short shift at the rest home.  Learning the laundry routine. I'll probably have nightmares tonight about blowing the bloody washing machine up!

ABOVE:  Looks a bit like this, like you need a license to even open the door!  

Stew has cooked dinner tonight, he's used left over spag bol meat from last night, and turned it into a Shepard's pie with a layer of veges in it.  My mouth is watering.  I'm a bit hungry!

So Stew pulls his dinner out of the oven, and says "Well???  Aren't you going to take a photo?"... so of course I do!

ABOVE:  It was as yummy as it looked and smelled I assure you!

And now... it's time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Oh, I hope the breakfast goes okay. Maybe you and this gal can "make amends" I hate to see such a thorn in your side!

  2. Hope u are having a GREAT morning i hear u about confrontation and not only stomach churns it goes around in head gazzilon timee.

  3. The pink pic you sent fabulous Loving all the variety,, and think I peeked you on one of them?? 2nd row from the bottom in a pink wig ?? Lovely.
    Those pink shoes in the pic on their own,,, would so LOVE a pair of them (smiles) remind me of slingbacks from back in the day

    You will have had a ball everyone, looks like they are having fun,

    Did Stew and Brylee and Griifin go along as well???

    We family breakfasted ( 9 all up) in the sun near a breakwall what a lovely start to the day after dinner out last night near the beach . .
    Some now headed home 6 hrs away and others coming for BBQ this afty so like you enjoying the weather and the outddors too..

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Maybe the lady that is bullying you (because that is what it is) should attend the anti bullying breakfast instead!

  5. You look darling - no pink afro, I see!

  6. Glad u hd a good time im going next sunday ans loooking forard to it never been to one of these events before

  7. Glad to hear things have resolved. It would be such a shame to lose the FBGs

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed your pink breakfast. All the best for your first day on your new job tomorrow ... I'm sure you will do well.

  9. So pleased the breakfast went well and it looked fantastic.
    At least the bully half apologised I suppose.

  10. I'm glad that gal apologized even if it was back handed lol. Looks like a fun event.


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