Saturday, May 25, 2019

R & R

Yep... today is going to be all about Rest and Relaxation.

I might even put Stewie on laundry duty!  I feel like I've been doing laundry all week... OH WAIT!  That's right, I have been!  lol

I have done virtually NO housework here at home all week, what with working and being sick.  Do I feel bad about that?  NAH.

Stew came home with all this last night:

ABOVE:  Someone was selling this chocolate at his work.  So he came home and plonked it in front of me.
And I said, thanks but no thanks.  I'm TRYING to get back on track, get my diabetes back under control ... and I'm not going to immediately go backwards!

Nice thought though darling. 

If anything nice happens today, I'll be back later.  Well... doesn't matter what happens... I'll be BACK.  *smiles*


12 noon:  I've been outta bed for half an hour!    Stew's down at the supermarket.
Brylee came home from work... vomiting. I hope she's not getting my cold. 
Stew has the start of my cold by the sound of him.
GREAT.  I hope if he comes down with it he stays home in bed.  It's a horrible one for sure.

So... am I feeling better?  I don't know!  I'm taking so many drugs right now I could be?  I'm certainly coughing a bit less, which is awesome cos my chest is sore from coughing so much.

RESPECT... yeah that little word cropped up again today.  Funny how people EXPECT it from you... but don't actually give it in the first place.

Clearly I seem to have crossed a line on here for someone, so that name/person will not be mentioned on here again.  

Being censored on my blog, content used against me.  Might just be the end of this blog.  I've actually over this shit.

------------------------------------------------------  line in the sand

ABOVE:  decided to take the girls for a little walk, get off me bum and try and feel a tiny bit energised.
Ran into someone who I got a hug from, so felt a bit better in me heart too.

Looking forward to a quiet evening ... not sure what's for dinner... none of us are feeling hungry at all.  Only Stew, Brylee and I are here, so I don't really have to cook up a storm!

We ended up having a KFC burger...they are really nice.  I was even hungry for the first time in a week!
Stew has DEFINITELY got my cold now... he sounds exactly like I did a few days ago.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow I suppose.


  1. Always good to clear the air and have a bit of a whinge, get lots of r &r when you can.

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    You're allowed to feel pissed off Chris. This bug is crap, really wipes you out. Rest heaps. It's the only way I got rid of it. Kj

  3. Hope your day goes well xxx

  4. Block those who object no matter who it is, family, friends or other, it is your blog, your right to say what you want, you only ever speak the truth, maybe the objector/objectors should build a bridge, my sons favourite saying, annoys the crap out of me, but it is so true.

  5. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Sorry that you're feeling unwell and having difficulties with Griffen. Hang in there and look after yourself. Hugs, Sarah

  6. Just caught up on here Chris and seems you have had a trying time,last couple of days .

    Being sick with more than one thing at a time ,tests any of us.
    Flu vomiting, you name it, and you seem to be getting it all at once.

    Good that you got your new job shifts out of the way and hopefully next 36 hrs of good home time and rest will make you feel better by monday

    Gr8 that Stew will do dreaded grocery shopping as well,,, and between the 4 of you there all will turn out OK

    Rest up and take some happy times knowing you have worked hard and now its so "Be kind to you "Time


  7. do I see..... pineapple lumps????????? Christy x

  8. Glad you feel a little better hope everyone gets over it fast sounds dreadful. Just always be you. Never change NEVER make excuses your life your blog.

  9. Hope I arent the person who has upset you, and Im banned.b But like you I say what I think and try to make constuctive comment, and encourage.Tolerance isnt easy but there are folksnot able to express themselves as well as some.THE OLD MOO.

  10. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Glad you're feeling a bit better but sorry to hear about Stew! Btw: Your skin looks AMAZING in the walk pic. Sarah

  11. If I get a tiny bit of sore throat or sneezes, I take 1 capsule of 1000mg Vitamin C each day until I recover.

  12. So happy the week is done and dusted for you. You look like you are feeling much better in your picture with Stew. Rest, rest, rest. Starting a new job plus everything else that goes on daily takes a toll on us. Praying for a swift recovery

  13. Anonymous2:19 PM

    sorry to hear you've been so sick & the others now too :-(


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