Wednesday, May 22, 2019



Since Monday I've started coughing and have a phlegmy throat... to the point where now I'm all croaky.

It is bound to be the air conditioning at the rest home right?

Or... I've got a cold or the flu, cos I really feel like shit!  Thank goodness I don't have work till 3 pm.

I think I will stay in bed and just take it easy for the day.

ABOVE:  yeah, not looking too flash eh?  I might go out and get some over the counter shit to help with the congestion, sinus pain and cough.

I should be sewing of course, but  my health is more important I believe.

So, it is going to be a very quiet day around here.  Sorry and all that.


ABOVE:  $48 !!!  Doesn't pay to get sick does it?
Hopefully they kick in before I have to go to work.
I've also made a Doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning, to get back on track with all me other medications.  Oh and yeah, I'll probably get a blood test done to check just how BAD my Hba1c is now.  Probably right back where I started at my worst point.

Thing is, I don't want to be starving and going without and ending up having blood sugar lows all the time either, that's one of the reasons I fell off the wagon (among other things).  Blood sugar lows are the pits.

So, let's see what this new doctor can suggest.

I've just been resting all day...literally done nothing!  My face, head and eyes hurt, I'm coughing till I vomit... not fun.
But, I gotta go to work, I'm not allowed any 'sick' days for 6 months!  

Though surely there must be leniency if necessary?

5.45 pm:  just in from work, where I think I held it together pretty well.  Felt dreadful but soldiered on as they say.

Now home, just put some dinner in the oven... and am taking 10 minutes before the next step in dinner.  

Chicken rice risotto tonight, something fairly easy.

So...dinner went down just fine... and 5 minutes later, while coughing... it all came back again.
And here is the start of god knows how long I cough and vomit.

The worst episode, a few years ago, lasted 5 months.

I'm going to bed.  I didn't get much sleep last night, so fingers crossed I get more tonight.


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Me too. Headachy, croaky sore throat. First winter bug I think. I’m just siting in front of tv blobbing waiting for it to pass. The first day was worse so only getting better for you now.
    Karen AKL

  2. Bugger hope some over counter remedies clears thing up x oh and hahaha REST

  3. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Hi sounds like you have a annoying when you start a new job..



  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Might pay to get checked by a doctor as not advisable to take a virus into a rest home if you can help it

  5. Definitely rest up, also once you are feeling better, it may pay to get the flu shot if you haven't already, especially working in a rest home environment.

    Set an alarm for when you need to get ready for work and spend the day in bed resting and sleeping, it is the best cure. Also extra vitamin C and echinacea.

  6. when I read your symptoms I thought "Codral"!!!! That stuff works!!! It's saved me many a time!!!!!!

  7. Hang in there Chris remember over 45 (smiles) we dont bounce back as quick , and once up and about hopefully doesn't feel as bad.

    We tend to work on auto pilot, never stopping and take care of others,,, then all of a sudden our body says Whoa !!

    we are learning it now,,,(had a few more winters than you ) (Smiles) but it took a standstill,, moment to "Get it"

    You did the right thing ,,,hopefully now you can build up your resistance ,,,

    and like the others say if its viral then once its checked tomorrow ,,,you will know and can go from there.

    Take care

    and Remember the lovely DH and family you have there, will come to the party to help out if need be..


  8. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Surely your employment conditions don't state you can't take days off sick - it normally means that you won't get paid for sick days for six months. I hope that is what it means. Audrey

    1. You are probably right Audrey, I will read over the contract again to make sure. Thanks.

  9. The sixty day rule is not a very good idea. Maybe its just a deterrent to prevent newbies from taking days off whenever they want too. But - you could clearly spread the cooties to the residents! Well, show up. They will probably send you home themselves!

  10. Anonymous6:12 PM

    If you are sick and especially if you have a certificate there won't be a problem and as someone else also said, Aged care facilities do not want an outbreak of illness in frail, old people...hope you feel better soon..


  11. Gees Linctus for the cough, lavender spray on your pillow to help sleep (Miller Road do the best one).

    As for sick days, all it means is that you don't get paid for sick days in the first 6 months.

  12. ohhhh dear Chris, hope you feeling better soon

  13. That sounds so terrible :(

  14. Hope you feel better. Congratulations on the new Job. Take care get well soon.

  15. Oh gosh Chris ... sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. As others have suggested above, probably best to let your employer know that you aren't well, and have a few days off to give yourself time to get better quickly - and also prevent the risk of passing on illness to the residents at the rest home. The no sick leave in the first six months generally means you don't get any sick pay for the first six months. Ask your GP for a medical certificate in the morning when you have your appointment to cover the next few days with your employer, so they know that you are genuinely unwell. Get well soon and look after yourself!

  16. Take time off both jobs if you need it! Rest and recuperate.

  17. I hope you get the diabetes stuff sorted. If you were having lows on medication it means that you were over-medicated, i.e. you were eating and exercising so well that your body was working and you didn't need as much medication. It's a big balancing act and really need to be monitored every month or so while you are testing a new way of eating and adding exercise. I hope the new doctor is good for you!

  18. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hope you're feeling better soon. They probably mean paid sick days. If you are too sick to work they will allow you to take unpaid sick leave I'd imagine!!

  19. Gosh the coughs and vomits that's not good and yes a virus in the old people's home would be disastrous.


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