Monday, May 20, 2019


WOW, Stew and I worked it out last night, it's been at least 12 years since I was 'employed' !

Sure, I've done plenty of volunteer 'work' since then, and my private cleaning work,  but no paid work by a business.

So, today I re-enter the workforce.  At 60 years old!
I'm actually rather surprised anyone would employ me at my age.
But, obviously I sold myself well enough at the interview.

(Let's not forget I did actually get another job a little while ago too.. but turned it down.) 

This week is going to be busy, I've got the rest home  5 afternoons in a row, and two private cleaning jobs too!  I wonder how I'm gunna feel by Friday night?  *smiles*

Today, let's start with an FBG walk!!!

Yep, I'm not giving up on my walking group, much as I wanted to on Saturday afternoon.
This walk is at 8.30 am, so borderline 'early' for me.  lol
The leader is a good friend of mine, so I don't anticipate ANY conflict at all.  But I will be practising keeping my mouth shut!
I don't want to be 'myself' anymore... cos it just seems to get me in trouble. 
So no bubbly, talkative, loud, slightly potty mouthed Chris.  

It's going to be hard.  Very hard.  Wish me luck.

I did finish the large Autumn Tree Runner last night:

ABOVE:  everyone in the house loves it.  I think it's very colourful and cheerful looking.

I'm going to start something else once I get home from the walk.  Not sure what yet, maybe some soup bowl cosys.


10.15 am:  And this morning's walk was just fine.  I chatted to one girl the whole way around, just general chatter.  Nothing that could be taken offense by.
It's really hard having to 2nd guess everything that comes outta your mouth I must say.
But, it's what has to be done obviously.

Moving on, I've just finished filling out 8 pages of information for the new job!  Hopefully I've done it all correctly.

Now.. I'm freezing so am warming up with an electric throw before moving on to some sewing.

ABOVE: Yeah, I'm hiding in the back. 

6.55pm:  wow I've been very tardy on here.  But I've been a touch busy!

I did some cutting out this afternoon, then went to 'work'!

And all my trepidation was for nought!  It was fine... yes there's lots to do and remember, but I am sure I will get into the swing of things soon enough.

WELL.... I better, cos on Thursday and Friday I'm on me own in the laundry! 

I got home with plenty of time to cook dinner, though I think having something cooking in the crock pot some nights would be good.  Less for me to do as soon as I get home.

Now... it's time to relax.  I'm just a bit tired!
Looking forward to watching some crap TV then bed!


  1. Love the runner. My fave 😙. Wishing you all the best for your new job... scary and exciting at the same time. I've just started mine 3 weeks ago. Settling in. 😘

  2. Love the table runner...enjoy your first day at wofk....please dont change missy we love ya the way you are!!!!!

  3. Love the runner. Don't censor yourself. I can't imagine you saying anything truly offensive so if one person gets the grumps with you it really is their problem. Enjoy your first day :)

  4. Don't you bloody change just because someone with a stick up their bum decides to take offence at something you said - and probably not even to her. Your friends like you because you are you and if she doesn't then it is her problem. Not everyone is going to like everyone else - welcome to the real world!!! Sounds like she needs to learn some tolerance, although she has apologised so maybe she relies what a rude, narrow minded cow she was.

    Have a great first day at work :-).

  5. Love, love, LOVE the table runner. Have a great 1st shift at your job.
    And hey...don't change who you are because of one person..

  6. Runner is Tops.. Awesome ..Good you have a DH with wide arms (smiles).. Gr8 work and someone will be happy to take it home..

    By now due to time diff you will be well in to your first afternoons work .

    A couple of shifts and you will be in to the full swing, ( maybe even by the end of todays one.)

    Enjoy!!! and its fab you did the morning FBG walk,,, cos thats a pick up in endorphins for the cooler mornings !!!

  7. I love the tree runner! So cool! Glad the walks are going well. I can't imagine what the lady took such offence at. Especially since it seems like you TRULY did not mean to offend! You need to be yourself ! Clearly you have made a lot of friends in the group - so you can't be THAT bad! haha. And it seems you have plenty of supportive readers as well....

  8. Love the runner the colours are great! Hope the new job goes really well for you, and enjoy the morning walk and be yourself!!

  9. The runner looks awesome. I hope the first day at Lifecare went super well.

  10. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Love the runner. Glad your first day went well.


  11. Just checking did u send me a facebook friend request i thought wevalready was just checking u havnt been hacked

    1. Yeah I probably did! I'm closing down my other account and sending out some invites ... hard to remember who's on one or other, or both sometimes! Sorry!

  12. I don't think you have to change THAT much! You are who you are... maybe just go along with walking whatever way the leader of the walk takes you even if you think it's wrong! It doesn't matter that much, does it? Or...does it?

    1. If a walk is done 'wrong' and you miss a street out, it invalidates the walk in relation to the Urban Challenge. Then you have to do it again. No one necessarily wants to do a walk again, particularly if it had friggin big hills in it!

  13. Do so like the runner does it have a home yet.did you like your first dayat the new job.No you wont change you were the same as a kid,boslshy,loud, confident,sneaky,bad, but not lazy.Dont change it would not be you.your potty mouth has allways got youin trouble but thats your problem.most
    Of us like you as you are.THE OLD MOO.

  14. You will be an expert in that laundry within in days! Well done, I hope you enjoy all of your new ventures.

  15. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Dont change yourself for one person Chris. Everyone who matters loves you just the way you are and understands you. You're unique! Enjoy your busy week. They employed you because you're you. Age doesnt matter. KJ

  16. I love that runner it is super the colours and I love the naked trees. Don't change ever.

  17. I bite my tongue a lot lol


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