Wednesday, May 01, 2019



It's back to 'normal' around here today.  Family are either at school or work.

And this morning I have work too.

I think I have something that will 'work' for keeping all the cleaning stuff together:

ABOVE:  It's my old sewing trolley!  I don't use it anymore as it's too heavy to lift into my car with the sewing machine in it... kinda defeated the purpose.

But it MIGHT work for the cleaning supplies?
I will use it today and find out.

If it doesn't work out, I will keep looking for something.

There is actually heaps on Trade Me to choose from!

ABOVE:  MUM look!  The bowl covers you sent me finally arrived!!!
Only took a WHOLE MONTH to get from your's to mine.
Tell your friend Christina they are just lovely, and I will certainly be making a few myself soon.

Right, I'm off to get myself sorted, ready for work in a couple of hours.


12.54 pm:  And job done... off to Hamilton now to look for a laundry trolley.  The Sewing Trolley did not work for several reasons.  

I lost out on a good one on Trade Me this morning, the seller did the 'dirty' and pretty much withdrew the item before the auction ended.  He just refused to accept my bids!  No reason given, he obviously already had a buyer lined up!
I was really cross, but as I can't prove it, I lost out.  Pissed off.

But, now I will go and look for something here in Hamilton.

3 pm:  And I'm home again.  I went to a place that sold heaps of trolleys... out in the industrial area of Hamilton.

There were several that I literally drooled over... but at the end of the day I had to be practical, and go for one that actually fitted in me car!

And wasn't too big and cumbersome.  So I got one that I will have to 'doctor' a little to make it fit for purpose:

ABOVE: It's rather cute.  Lightweight and easy to push along.  I just need to add something down the end or sides to hold stuff...

LEAVE.  IT.  WITH.  ME!  I'll have it good to go soon enough. lol

Those light coloured round dots on the trolley's trays are non slip thingees.  So a box won't slide off.

I've been working on my 'adaptations' all afternoon, and now I'm done.  But will not show you till tomorrow... cos well... I can.  lol

I was supposed to be going out tonight for a friends' 40th Birthday celebrations, but my back is killing me and I'm just too tired now.

I'm looking forward to a quiet night with me feet up!


  1. Sounds like the Trade-Me seller sold it privately so did no incur any sale fees. I am sure you will find something much better anyway :-)

  2. thats a neat looking wee trolley Chris and good its lightweight as the 'gear" that goes on it will weigh extra,

    will be keen to see what you add to it,.

    Nice the things arrived at last from Mum..

    Can totally relate to snail mail au/nz post,

    I sent some photos last year and they took 5 weeks to get there and that was top dollar Airmail prices (smiles)
    Couldve taken them over ourselves and done our nth sth 5 weeks we are doing later this year.(smiles)

    Problem is Elderly parent does have computer or access to it so Snailmail is our "go to" for everything

    really like the colours in your rug under the trolley

    Enjoy dinner with the family when they all get home


  3. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Great choice of trolley Chris, was thinking about the sides, perhaps lengths of wood with a drill hole in each end and bottom and then put cable ties through the holes to join them, and cable ties to secure it to the bottom of the shelf as well, you can easily remove them later if you wanted without damaging the trolley. Just a thought, sure you will get more suggestions. Kindest, Heather

  4. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Maybe you can velcro some light weight baskets onto the trolley ?


  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    A few years ago I did house cleaning, in the end I did 5 homes a week mostly in the afternoon because I worked mornings until 1pm. I didn’t take any products just got them to buy what I used, it was a hard job but financially rewarding but in the end I was exhausted, Jo


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