Monday, May 06, 2019


Yes!   Gotta love Mondays.

Sorry everyone who hates them as they mean 'back to work'.

But for me it means I have the house to myself and I can get it all nice and clean again!

I do most of my housework on a Monday.

Today I'm going to get back to my sewing too.. I've started work on the extra large Wonky House Wall Hanging.  I've got certain colours I need to adhere to, or rather, NOT use.  So it's a bit more tricky than normal. 

But, I'm still enjoying it.

ABOVE:  Last night's walk photo... I'm hoping to do at least two, if not three more walks this week.  I'm falling behind!

Right, I'm off to get my day started.


11.30 am:  And I've done 2.5 hours of solid housework.  I still have some washing to hang out, but I won't count that.

Now?  Time to do some sewing.  Well.. cutting out wonky houses first I suppose.

ABOVE:  Dinner tonight will be roast chickens, potato and salad.  

Brylee asked if her boyfriend, Jordan, could come over this afternoon before work. Of course I said 'Yes'.

And then I waited.  And Waited.  Cos I KNEW what the next question would be.

And sure enough, at around 3.30 pm she asked.

Could Jordan stay for dinner, cos he was starting work at 8 pm?

*sigh*... I said YES, but told her she would have to help with getting dinner ready.  

Little tart wasn't so happy about that.  Why do kids these days think everything will be dished up to them for nothing?  

So... I'm flustered.  About to put the chickens in the oven, and the tray isn't in the middle of the oven, so I grab it with my left hand... and FUCK!

It's like 220 degrees C eh?

 ABOVE: YEP, burnt me fingers.  So didn't need to do that, I'm too busy to be sore anywhere else!

ABOVE: And all I have managed to do with my runner is get it all laid out. If I'm lucky it will be ready to stitch after dinner.  GUESS what colour was a NO NO, except for 'maybe a tiny bit'?

GREEN... was the NO NO colour. 

And I've not started the sewing tonight, I'm conserving my energy for work tomorrow.  I hope to sew tomorrow afternoon now.

Signing off... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I, for one, do not like Mondays. I find the first five days after the weekend to be the most difficult.

  2. Good to see you are back to the healthy eating and we have done so over here after a hot summer as well
    and a Compulsory icecreams etc etc to cool us down has gone by the wayside (smiles)

    Also the walking will be easier cos both sides of the Tasman had hotter than usual summers , so we are in the swing together (smiles)
    Lovely sunny day so better do some more odds n ends and "make hay while the sun shines"


  3. Love the chicken picture :-). My housework day is generally Saturday so Sunday is my day of (hopefully) rest.

  4. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I love the chicken, it reminds me if the ducks hanging in shop windows

  5.,red and orange or both.It looks realy pretty, dont worry,someone else may want it,if the lady doesnt like it.Shame about burning your fingers,potty mouth,will you never learn, just as easy to say damn, blast,ouch,guess you said all that and more.That mug reminds me of Vern ,he said that quite often.THE OLD MOO.

  6. Green? Looks so cool even unfinished. You're a clever sausage 😉

  7. Just what you didn't need Chris home you got good strong gloves if u working next couple days think it will be several ouches... spelt S H I T

  8. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Purple? Hope your hand is okay :-( Sounds painful. Liz

  9. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Thanks for finally talking about >"LOVE ♥ MONDAYS" <Loved it!

  10. Ouch hope your hand will be ok. Looks like a busy weekend. Belated Happy Birthday to Archer

  11. Ouch for your poor hand. I hope it is feeling better soon.

  12. arg that sounds painful! Houses look cute :)


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