Sunday, May 05, 2019


Well we have decided to head up to Auckland today.

Just Stew and I.

Both the kids are at work all day,  so this is getting to get more frequent!  Just the man and me!

We plan on having lunch with Steve, Bex and family, as it's Archer's 4th Birthday today.

It was a last minute decision to go up really.  My cousin left her phone charger here, so we are taking that up for her, and seeing the kids too.

AND that means no housework or mowing lawns etc!  Not at home, can't do it!  Awesome.

So... hopefully we have a nice, carefree day.



ABOVE: on our way to Auckland in thick fog. Third day in a row we've had fog for over half the day. Cold, damp shit.

11 am... Waikato side of the Bombay hills, thick fog and 11 degrees C.
Top of Bombay hills.. no fog.
Auckland side of Bombay hill... 5 minutes later and it's now 20 degrees C!  Crazy.

7.20 pm:  And we have been home for over 2 hours.  As soon as we got home I went out on an FBG walk!  I missed the first half, but managed to do the 2nd half, so I was happy about that.

I've just managed to sit down to do a blog update.  

Here's a few photos I took today of the birthday boy and family:

 ABOVE:  The birthday boy and Granddad.

 ABOVE: There IS a Granddad under there somewhere!

 ABOVE:  Because all the children were in 'Onesies', the father decided to get in his too.  

ABOVE:  It is SCARY how alike these two are!  And I'm not talking about looks.
God help us, Dante is a full on kid, just like his Dad.  *sigh*

Wouldn't have them any other way though.

Time to sign off for the day, I'm cooling down from my walk now and starting to get cold.  Time to hunt out me electric throw I reckon.


  1. Happy Birthday to Archer. Enjoy your time with family in Auckland.

  2. Happy birthday Archer 4 years of cheeky smiles and love and delight so lucky wee man

  3. Wow, where have those 4 years gone? I love fog and damp and cold. Much prefer to be cold than hot. I think I would love living where you are.

  4. Hopefully your back will startt to feel better with your break from cleaning, sewing, and so on! Your fog is beautiful! Such a pretty place you live!

  5. Enjoy your day together. Love the fog in that it gives a nice day afterwards Except not keen driving in it,
    The drive home should be lovely and sunny if the 20deg lasted all day.

    Nice to have an unplanned day away like that,, with the littlies meetup as well

  6. Waikato is well known for its thick fogs isn't it!!
    Enjoy your Auckland time.

  7. They're some gorgeous kiddies alright ❤

  8. Cozy warm onesies

  9. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Keira is looking beautiful!

  10. Keera looks like she's settled in very nicely with her new family. Lovely to see her so happy. Happy birthday Archer. So grown up now!

  11. Happy birthday to Archer!

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