Monday, May 27, 2019


Last week I did orientation of my 'Laundry Duties'... for 5 days in a row.  I reckon I've got that down pat now, and am not phased by it at all.  Totally doable in the time allocated.

And this week?  Tomorrow I start 2 days of orientation of the 'Cleaning' side of my job.  Bathrooms.  Ensuites.  Yep, the real fun stuff.  NOT.

But, let's just wait and see how it goes, at least this week I'm familiar with the layout of the home ...I'm not likely to get lost!

Today I have NO outside jobs at all... cos Mondays are the day to do my home.  ONLY, I'm probably not going to be doing much... except clean a filthy toilet and mop water off the floor.

I do have to drop a piddle sample into the lab and pick up some pills for Stew, so will be going into town at some point this morning to do that, then it will be off my mind.

If I feel OK after that I will come home and sew a soup cosy or two.  I sure in hell got none done yesterday!  Is it possible to get so much sleep/rest that you 'run' out of energy???
I'm starting to think that I need to push myself past this overwhelming tiredness, and just get back to being my active self asap.

So with that in mind, I'm gunna make the bed for the first time in a week (!!!), and start my day.  


JUST IN:  My Hba1C results.

I went from 42 (NORMAL) to 68.  So a huge jump up, but not as bad as I was expecting! I was sure it would be back up around 90!
While I'm relieved it wasn't worse, it's still bad.
So, back on track, take the medication, be careful with the diet and get that number down.

BUT ... this time I am not starving myself.  I'm not going to suffer from blood sugar lows again, it's just not worth it for a number. 

4.45 pm:  guess what?  I have coughed all day, vomited a few times and so yeah, still feeling totally off.  SO DAMN ANNOYING.  
Can't stop yawning.  I'm bored shitless, sick of being sick.  I hope tomorrow I perk up cos I've got work!

I haven't checked on Stew today, he went to work!  He's toughing it out like a MAN... a strange man.  Men usually get the 'man flu' and wilt right?  Seems Stew is trying to debunk that theory. 

I've got chicken thighs and veges baking in the oven for dinner... about the only thing I've done all day!

And... that's a wrap for the day!  Nothing happening, nothing to report!


  1. Heavens I feel exhausted just reading all that.
    Hope all your tests come back in positive mode

  2. Your body might just need the rest Chris. Good luck with the test results.

  3. Glad its not as bad as it could have been Chris and you know whats good to do and well done you going along with the right way.

    You will succeed cos you have the willpower and drive

    All the best

    Take care


  4. Keep resting as much as you can, it lets your body recover. It is especially important now as you have extra jobs which take it out of you more.

  5. Try and follow this
    That will get you back on board!

  6. Well the results weren't too bad here's to decreasing numbers all-round x

  7. Scott always goes to work sick. Likes to pass it around I guess!


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