Friday, May 17, 2019


So, yesterday I was sitting in my car waiting to join a walk, and saw some toadstools on the side of the road... and I couldn't help myself, I had to take photos.

 ABOVE:  This one just needs a nose and mouth.... lol!

ABOVE: This one ... so funky!

 ABOVE:  So pretty.  There were quite a few in fact, but these were the prettiest. 

I thought they looked so nice with the autumn leaves around them too. 

ABOVE:  After yesterday's fiasco... yeah.  Going to try and NOT open me mouth so much.  It doesn't help, even if you KNOW you are in the right.  Which I was.  

Moving on.... first thing this morning I am going on an FBG walk... with a really LOVELY leader. I hope to do it all as it's only 5.2 kms in total. Oh, and with me mouth firmly shut, bar pleasantries.

After that I shall come home, grab a shower then head out on a mission.

To find something PINK to wear on Sunday to the Pink Ribbon Breakfast I'm attending.  I'm hoping to find a pink wig and feather boa?  Or a novelty hat... I suppose I will just have to wait and see what I can find.

And that's me for now, gotta get moving.


The FBG Admin team put out a set of 'Rules' last night. Covers things like starting on time, walking as a group, safety aspects and so on.  One of the new rules covers using photos, or rather, not using FBG photos outside the group.  So there will no longer be walk photos!

I will still take some photos, but can't show faces it would appear.  Bit of a shame as I really liked using them as a record.  But never mind, I'll just have to get a bit more resourceful.  *smiles*

Let's see what I come up with today!

And just like that... ignore the bit about the photos!  I heard from FBG Admin this morning and I can use walk photos on my blog!  There is a clause in the membership contract that allows it.  So... back to 'normal' it would seem.  Though I do like the idea of me taking more photos if I can... so let's see if I find something worth snapping this morning.

It's a glorious early winter day, but rather cold!

11.45 am:  and this morning's walk was just lovely.  No hiccups to speak of... we did think we'd missed a street but NOPE... all good.  We were just yakking so much we didn't even notice half the streets we went up and down!

ABOVE: It was just over 5 kms long, and I didn't feel sore at any point.  Really happy about that.  I might put up the 'official' walk photo too, once it's published by the walk leader.  But, I'm happy with these ones too.

Now, I am going to cool down, get changed into something warm and sew for a while.

Kelly is coming out tomorrow with a pink wig and hat, so I can choose one to wear on Sunday.... neat eh?  I don't have to go and buy one after all.

It's now 1.30 pm, Brylee is due home from work shortly.  I should be sewing but may actually have a Nana Nap!  I can then sew till really late tonight, when I actually have some energy again.

I'm an OWL, not a Fowl.  Total reverse of how I was 15 years ago!

HELLO?  Am I on my own here?  Where is everyone... ?????

Thanks for the comments girls, I thought there was a glitch or something, or ya just stopped reading!  I'm touchy today!

ABOVE:  Look who visited!  Sharon from Taupo, she was on her way up to Auckland.  Catching a plane to Sydney, Australia in a couple of days on holiday.  Lucky tart.

It was so lovely to see her ... and those two girls thought she was rather lovely too!
I was VERY surprised at Marley getting up on her knee, she's usually very reserved around visitors.

Now... it's nearly dinner time and I'm waiting for Stew to get home with some sausages.  We shall have them with some spuds and baked beans/spaghetti.  Silly bugger night.  *smiles*

Dinner is done.  Time to chill out.
For the first time in a few years, I am having...

ABOVE:  A Bacardi and coke!  No ice, cos that just dilutes it. Ikkk.
Stew is having a Coruba and coke too... we've not had any in the house for a couple of years at least!!!  So, we decided to indulge,  Stew went down to the grog shop and got a bottle of each ...great way to wind down after a long week.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Hi! Love the shrooms! Glad you can keep posting pics!

  2. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Just checked in for the first time today. Don't know where the other readers are! Thank you for the photos of the toadstools - that's the first time I've ever seen real ones. I didn't actually know they existed in nature... ha! I've only seen dodgy mushrooms here (Aus). Liz

  3. Hi Chris emergency trip to chch so not my day as planned.
    My log in name has probably changed because I have activated my blog again to try run my stampin up from it, still trying all the loops and hurdles

    1. I hope everything is OK Chick?

    2. Yeah ok. Just an unexpected trip to hospital for my flatmate. Sausages that reminds me countdown had beef snarlers on special must get some.

  4. Fab happy post again,, Love the wee mushys what stunning colours they are..

    been travelling as well today and couldnt access to reply only read your post .

    Fab your vizzy arrived they are lovely catchups

    Enjoy dinner


  5. Love your silly bugger meals, we do the same sometimes.

  6. Love your R&R,,, B&C its good for the occasional,,,, as is Coruba... If its got coconut in it ..or just dark rum can only be good for you.

    the old saltys used it for a cold!!!

    Enjoy having Sharon there love that pic with the wee dogs too,,

  7. Cheers - I love a Coruba and coke :)

  8. As always was lovely to catch up and see you that photo of Coco Marley and me love it.
    The traffic north blurk!

  9. Fantastic fungi! An owl is not a fowl, I had to look it up. Your walking group always looks fun, wish I had one.

  10. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Only a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great pattern.


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