Thursday, May 30, 2019


So ... today marks the start of my 'normal' Week 2 roster.
I have 6 shifts over 4 days... 4 are on Saturday and Sunday.

I'm looking forward to working on my own, without having a 'buddy' looking over my shoulder all the time!

I have had to put something on that's not been on me in a few years:

ABOVE:  My watch!   It took me a while to remember where it was in the house last night!
Now, I can use it to keep 'on track' with where I am supposed to be during my shifts.

I work TOO FAST believe it or not!  I get ahead of the schedule and then muck up where I'm suppose to be!  

Yesterday I was told "SLOW DOWN!" quite a few times  *smiles*.
Trouble is I am a 'rip, shit n bust' sorta person, I like to power through the jobs and move on to the next!

Having to slow down and take it easy will be hard to 'learn', but learn I will.  

I am wondering if I have to get a blood test done today?  I hope so, I don't want it hanging over my head any longer than necessary.  And I wonder if anyone's head rolled for leaving sharps in a resident's rubbish bin?  I will probably never know.

Yesterday a couple of other things happened at the Rest Home, and I learned a lot about 'internal' politics.  Some not so good, but worth knowing for sure.  I'm much more aware of undercurrents, persons to 'watch out for' and so on!  I presume it's the same everywhere you might work.  Sadly.

It has kinda dulled the shine from having a new job a bit, but oh well... the paycheck will help bring it back I hope.  It's not huge pay of course, but hey... it is a paycheck, something I've not had in years!  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to get up, get going and have a good day.


11.32 am: sitting at the doctor's  waiting for a blood test. Have to go back to work after this  and finish my shift. Enjoying this 'break' I must say. 

3.10 pm:  finally able to sit down at home and relax, and do an update.

You would NOT BELIEVE how many forms you have to fill in/have provided to you when you have an 'needle stick injury' at work!  OMG:

ABOVE:  THAT MANY!!!   And it's not over.  I have to go back in 6 months for another blood test.  And if the resident who's lancet I stabbed myself with tests positive for Hepatitis B I have to go to the hospital for Hep B immunisation too!

BUT... I've been assured that 'they' are  99.9% sure he's NOT INFECTED with Hep B.  So I'm feeling more reassured about that.

It still isn't nice having to go through this stress though.

When I got home Brylee had just finished her shift at work too, so we decided to go to McDonald's for lunch.  That was nice.  Time out.


I went into a resident's room to clean her bathroom... and she said to me:

"Chris, you left far too much water in the toilet bowl yesterday!  I had to empty it all myself!"

I just stood there and thought, "what the f*#k?"  And then I said "Sorry about that", and carried on with my job!

*shaking my head*  It takes all sorts right?

And on that note, I'm going to do NOTHING for a little while.  *smiles*

Dinner is cooking.  Nacho mince, to be placed into Taco Stand 'n' Stuffs.  With salad to add at will.  And sour cream.  Should go down well with everyone.

My appetite is very patchy at best right now... so I'm giving it a miss.  Too rich for my tummy right now, and it won't be very nice if I cough and vomit after eating it either!  lol

Signing off for the day now... looking forward to a good sleep in tomorrow, as work isn't till 3 pm tomorrow.  


  1. Yup sadly behind the scenes political BS goes on everywhere.

  2. Funny to get back in to the swing of a watch. Havent worn one in years either, but seems to be a 'Must have'' when you are working to "times"as it were..

    Good they are on to the BT quickly . Can then put your mind at rest ,

    Hope its a lovely sunny day there like it is where we are .

    Take care


  3. OMG! That story is too funny! My hubby and I were visiting someone in the hospital - and they were a bit loopy, and thought they were at work. As we were leaving they said "Hey, shut off those valves on the way out - would ya?" One person in our group was saying "What are you talking about, there are no valves" Well, that just made the person more upset "The valves are right there, just turn them off". So my hubby said "Sure, no problem, I will shut the valves" and the person was HAPPY! It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not, I guess.......

  4. I hope she didn't REALLY empty the toilet bowl!

  5. Anonymous4:52 PM

    You will need to get your Hep B vaccinations after this incident


  6. You'll hear loads of funny stories from the elderly I bet! I think you will love the chatter with them all and they will love your lively personality.

  7. Anonymous6:52 PM

    How dare you leave too much water in the toilet bowl lol.. How did she empty it ? I don’t think I want an answer to that.

    1. LOL.... I refused to even contemplate what she did! The mind just boggles.

  8. Yes Chris needle stick injuries are taken seriously and so many forms.... Better to be safe. Glad you are enjoying your job and there will always be those 'to watch out for' but get them on side!!. I have had a chuckle about the toilet bowl bless her. Good on you for your response.

  9. Having worked in a hospital and getting a 'needle stick' I can tell you that 99.9% of the time there is not enough contaminated material on the needle to cause concern and a lancet even less, so hang in there!!


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