Thursday, May 09, 2019


Well... if you thought yesterday's blog was a bit quiet/boring... I've got more of the same today *smiles*

I will be sewing all day...

ABOVE:  I got the stitching done on three of the small tree runners yesterday afternoon, so will hopefully get the other 5 done today.  Then I 'just' need to put the backing and binding on and they will be done.

I am thinking I might get them all done by Sunday.
And then... what do ya bet I don't sell any!  lol

Murphy's Law and all that.  But at least I will have built up my stock again.

Because my back is giving me so much grief, I am going to be stopping every hour and doing a minimum of 10 minutes on the exercycle, to break up the day.  And give my back a break from bending over the sewing machine.

My friend Susan D told me last night that would really help my backache, so might as well try it.   I did, after all, bring the damn exercycle back from Auckland to use it eh?  AND that's how I hurt my back too... trying to put it in my car on my own.  What a twit.

ABOVE:  I put the exercycle here, instead of with all the other exercise equipment in the garage. This way, I might actually USE it... while watching TV.  

I had to shrink the dining table down by two seats, but that's fine.  If we need more room around the table, it only takes a few minutes to add the extension back in.  And the exercycle can be wheeled into the sewing room temporarily.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook last night ... and OMG!  So apt.  I had to change bobbins TWENTY THREE TIMES yesterday and I was thinking:  'If only there was a way to have bigger bobbins'!!!

*sigh* by the time some clever bastard sorts that problem out, I'll probably be long gone.

So anyway... that's my day planned.  Sewing.  Cycling.  Sewing... etc, etc.
Catch ya later.


It's midday, and I've not got to do any sewing yet!

The dogs had a grooming appointment at 11, so I went into town and did a couple of jobs first, then dropped them off.  Then I had lunch.

We've been de-cluttering as you know, so I took another load to the Hospice Shop this morning.  In that lot was our Puppy Heating Pad... and before I donated it... I tried it out on my back:

ABOVE:  And yeah! It's pretty amazing... perfect size, not too hot... so much better than a wheat bag that keeps cooling.
I've had it on my back while having lunch and yep, it didn't get donated after all.  *smiles*

NOW... I can finally get back to the sewing.

3.35 pm:  Just got the dogs from the groomers.  Can finally see properly what Coco's been doing to her rump.
Pretty sure it started out as a flea bite, but now she's just turned it into a hot spot.  She simply won't leave it alone.

I've done a flea treatment on them and still she gnaws herself.  Grrrrr.  I'm wondering if the flea treatment I used was too old to be effective anymore?  Does that stuff go 'off'?  I'd had it for quite a few years.

I have managed to get one Tree Runner completely finished, and should have the other three done by the end of the day too.

But right now, I have to make more binding... *groan*

7.30 pm:  And I got the binding done, then dinner cooked for everyone, then I had just enough time to jump in me car and head off for an FBG walk.
I only did the first half of Section 12C tonight, as my back is still very sore, but I'm happy I got out and did 3.4 kms tonight.

Just made a Lemon Meringue Pie! It's a recipe like none I've ever done before... from an FBG girlfriend from South Africa.  Let's see if mine comes out like her's!

Time to sign off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I hate changing bobbins!!! I mainly use just black or white and get so annoyed when I need to change to a colour. I can't imagine doing that 23 times a day! One thought on your back, it must be down to your seating position. Is your seat too high or something? Can you look at that setup? I used to get a sore back while sewing too but don't sew long enough these days. The wonky houses look fantastic by the way and I love the black edging on them.

  2. Shows how much sewing you are doing to go through so many bobbins!! Hopemthe bike works for you.

  3. There are some good yoga moves that help with your back, I do them when mine is sore (which is usually if I have missed a couple of yoga or pilates classes). Also, strengthening your core muscles helps not get a sore back, again yoga & pilates are brilliant for that.

    I hope the market goes well on Sunday, it is Mothers Day so hopefully lots of people on the lookout for last minute gifts :-)

  4. Sounds list coco rump is 'a pain in the butt' I been 8n the garden ick weeds, dirt up me nails, sore back, wet feet from hose how do people find gardening rewarding

  5. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Have you got your sewing machine set into your desk. This makes a huge difference. A friend got it done and it didnt cost a lot. Just get a perspex filler made for the machine surround. Maybe Steve can do it for you. Kj

  6. Its amazing when we go to donate what turns up Chris Happy that wee heat pad works for you .

    Sad that wee Coco has ended up like that . Like us if it itches the 1st thing we wanna do is scratch it

    Hopefully it will soon heal up .For itches like that for us,,, we have aloe vera growing and always use that,, but not sure on the doggies skin??

    Found a 50 pk of coloured wee safety pins today for $1 at a retro shop, for quilting it said (not that I am a quilter but they are always handy for odds and ends and dont rust like the others do over time .

    love the bobbin on the truck but 23 changes that is ott (smiles) but you must put hrs in to it for that many changes

    Look lovely

    Well done you..

    Cheers !!

  7. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Might have to take Coco to the vet for some antihistamine or something before she gets an infection as well? I have been to the vet a few times with my Burmese kitties lately...


  8. Ouch sorry to hear you back is giving you trouble. Hopefully it gets better quickly. Poor Coco. Take care.

  9. I put triangular doorstops under the back of my machine to tilt it forward. It was so much easier on my back. Just so you can see a picture of what I'm talking about.

  10. I hope your back starts feeling better soon! I need to get myself a nicer chair to use for sewing.


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