Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Today marks the start of three days of morning shifts at the rest home I work at.

Orientation of Part Two of me new job.

Not nervous this time though, I just hope I don't cough and vomit on the job!

Could happen going on how I was yesterday.

Cross ya fingers for me that it doesn't happen!!!

This week all up I've got eight shifts at the rest home!  8!

But no private jobs.  I canceled them for this week  ... they all start again next week.   All of them on the same week now.  So I better be 100% better soon, cos I'm gunna be busy.

Remind me why I'm doing this?  ... Oh that's right... to pay for stuff... like dentists.  *sigh*

I have that to look forward to next Wednesday afternoon.  Can you hear that?

It's me stomach churning just at the thought!  

Right, I better go get myself sorted out ....


1.55 pm:  HOME.  Wilting.  But happy.  We got around all the bathrooms with half an hour to spare!  Why?  Because I RACED through the first 2/3rds of the rest home, that's why.   I wasn't sure how long it would all take, and if we were 'running behind' due to my not knowing where everything was.  So I busted a gut.  I needn't have worried!

We ended up having to 'kill' 30 minutes in the staff room.  Which was good actually, cos it gave me a chance to run though where things were again.

Tomorrow is my last day of Orientation.  Then I'm totally on me own.  Which is great cos it's a bit disconcerting having someone looking over your shoulder all the time I must say.

How am I feeling today 'health wise?'
Apart from the cough/vomit thing, I'd say 70% better.  Still incredibly tired, but not feeling REVOLTING now. Thank God.

I have missed having photos to put on here... but seriously?  Just don't have anything to show.  Wanna see our grey skies?  Yeah, Nah.
It's gloomy out there.

I'm sculling this drink:

ABOVE:  I'm having about 1/5th of a glass of it with hot water.  I don't know if it's helping, but anything is worth a go right now.
I'm also having Gees Linctus diluted in hot water too, I used to be able to drink it 'straight', but it have me dreadful stomach pains last time I did that!  So watering it down is a must.

I've just had some lunch, and am going to relax till I cook dinner.
It's card night, but I don't think I should go.  I just need to chill out as much as possible till I'm 100% again eh?

Dinner tonight was hom made kebabs.... flat naan bread, marinated pork steak cut up, onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrots and sauces.  Wrapped in tin foil and put in the sandwich press for a  few minutes.  YUM.  

I made myself two... WHAT AN IDIOT!  I could only just eat one.  So Stew got my 2nd one.  Teenager ate 3.
Brylee is at work till 8.30 pm so she missed out.
Though she can make herself one with leftovers of course.

Time to sign off for the day... feeling probably 80% now!  Let's aim for 90% tomorrow!  *smiles*


  1. Enjoy your orientation. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Hope your morning went well...was funny read the bit did u hear that its my stomach churning just as my tumy did a huge growling noise mine was hungry but it ws funny

  3. Can Brylee go with you next week? I know she went last time so knows what to expect and can drive you there & back.

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Good luck with the part two of learning your new job. I'm sure you'll be fine - and when you're back to 100% you'll be able to manage the shifts plus the private cleaning jobs no worries. Hope you're feeling better soon. Liz

  5. Hope you're feeling 100% real soon. Take care hun x

  6. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I think many of us can send you photos of grey skies lol, it’s very nasty here and will be foe a few more days


  7. A bit late on the catchup today so you are probs in bed after the big day??

    Good another day ticked off,,, in the Orientation,,, wont be long and you will do it off pat...

    Know what you are saying about extra $$$ for dentists etc all comes in handy..

    We too had a bitser day ,,,and went to do a fill in half hr job???? (love job)over 2 hrs later,, that got us home as it was getting dark,, But thems the breaks (smiles)

    Hope you are 100% by tomorrow . 70% is a great start

  8. Glad to hear you are getting better.

  9. Fine day but real cold.down to 8deg,overnight and 19deg today.Fire going so nice and warm inside.Glad your feeling better and ad a good day at work.THE OLD MOO.

  10. Pleased you on the mend I got up in the dark GOT HOME TO TAUPO in the dark long day x

  11. Congratulations on getting through your orientation period. Good luck with the new job. Feel better soon.


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