Friday, May 03, 2019


Well... rather typically, I have to go into Hamilton to a piece of fabric!
I'm making a Wonky House Runner, and extra large one.  It's an 'order' and of course, I don't have the one fabric the lady asked for!

So, first thing today I'm heading into Hamilton on the hunt for it.  Fingers crossed I do find some.

I may even have to go out to Gordonton... which will be nice I suppose.  I don't go out there much.

I forgot to post my walk photo from last night, so here it is:

ABOVE:  Griffin took the photo, next time I will take one with him in it too.  It was a lovely evening for walking, very crisp!
We had our first frost yesterday morning!  Winter is coming... Yaaaa!

When I get home from Hamilton I need to do some serious housework!  We have visitors arriving today.
My cousin Dulcie and one of her sons are staying here for a couple of days. Leetham is a rower... so there must be something on at lake karapiro.

12.14 pm:  It's too quiet on here!  I got home about an hour ago.
It's been a super foggy morning, it was still foggy in parts of Hamilton at 10.45!

ABOVE: See?  Seriously, who would choose to live in the Waikato?  Obviously, we had no choice.

I got some groceries for dinner at the supermarket.

I also found the fabric I needed:

ABOVE:  Now I can get on with the order for a super large Wonky House Runner.

OMG I'm feeling so cranky right now.
No specific reason either.  I'm just over it.

My back is still hurting, as is me f*#king toe.

Now I have to make up beds for the visitors.

Hopefully Brylee does a decent job of cleaning the bathroom so I don't have to do that too.

1.25pm:  So Coco chewed her rump.  Ended up in a collar.  Which gave her super knotty ears.  I asked Lacy to come out and groom the dogs before they go to the 'proper' groomer next week.

ABOVE:  She ain't a happy girl!  Still has a big scab on her rump too, so she will have to go back in the collar. Dammit.  Marley had muzzle knots too... gross.

I plan on bathing them all this weekend, they have been digging in the mud, dirty tarts.

I've come to the conclusion being in pain constantly is probably why I'm grumpy.  
Well that, and looking around my house and realising it's a friggin mess.

The floors need washing and vacuming.  *sigh*

Doubt I will get any sewing done today.

So... Brylee spent probably 5 minutes 'cleaning' the bathroom.

Now she's at work.  Fuck I hope part of her job ISN'T cleaning bathrooms!  I've just spent 40 minutes cleaning her 'clean' bathroom!

Literally doing everything except the shower.  EVERYTHING.  And I know I'm fussy, but really?  She must have wiped the sink with a dry cloth and called it a day.  

BUT... I knew I would end up doing it again.

I've now washed the kitchen floor and done some vacuming, and OMG my back is done in.

I still need to sort out the beds for tonight, but someone said they could do it themselves?  GOOD IDEA.  I shall just show them where everything is.

Taking a break till my back stops hurting so much... then I will finish the vacuming.  Only got the family room to go.

9.15 pm:  And the evening has gone well.  Our visitors ended up making their own beds, which was just fine.
Dinner was sausages, a lovely salad and potato wedges.

Spent a good couple of hours yakking with my cousin Dulcie, so nice to have family visit.

Time to sign off for the day.  


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Thanks to your foggy photo, the mystery of Countdown has been solved!! I just assumed it was a specific NZ supermarket, which it may still be, but it has the same logo as Aussie Woolworths so I'm thinking it's likely the same company.

    Hope your day improves. Sometimes crankiness just has to be given time to pass on its own. Relax and have some self care for a bit. That usually helps. I'm sure your visitors will be happy to help make beds when they arrive.

  2. Stay with the plan Chris (smiles) you are doing well.

    Really at 45 lots of girls dont do as much as you do ,so be kind to yourself and remember you are over 45 (smiles) so you can take 5 when you need to.

    Thats the only minus is the Waikato winters the fog etc but you live in a beautiful place really and so wont be long and each day will be a clear day as spring is not far away now !!

    Love that fabric looks so lovely and soft


  3. I love foggy mornings, usually means a nice sunny day :-).

    Rest up and give yourself a break, I am sure Brylee will do a fabulous job.

  4. Hate being in pain! You reckon that toe is broken?

  5. Glorious sunny autumnal day in methven heavenly so love this time year...cooler nights so can usually sleep and beautiful days...yup constant pain makes for grumpy moods

  6. Very cold nights here too. Lots of smoke in the air from everyone lighting their fires.
    Hope you feeling better soon...and not so cranky !!

  7. Maria4:32 PM

    Next time you clean the bathroom get Brylee to learn how you want it done. I remember as a teenager getting in trouble for not doing stuff, but my Mum never showed me how she wanted bathroom cleaned etc, just assumed I knew what to do (no teenager does! As they mostly live in their own dream world).

    I saw an ad on tv for some reality tv show the other day. A mother was trying to convince a daughter that you do need to clean toilets. The daughter said 'No you don't. They're self cleaning when you flush them!' I was laughing so hard, but wouldn't it be great if it was true?

  8. Hope you feel better. Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the cool temperatures.

  9. I hope your back feels better soon! No one ever cleans the way we want it. My daughter did the dishes the other day then cooked a bunch of stuff and left those dishes. Thanks kid.


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