Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Well... I have another appointment at the rest home in Cambridge first thing this morning.
It's to go over rosters and work out times for 'Orientation' and so on.

Once that is done, I will be starting work there.
Can't wait.  Best thing?  It's nice and warm inside that building, cos shit it's getting cold now.

I have NOTHING else on today, no walk, no work... just a big fat nothing.  I should do my sewing, but maybe I'll be a lazy tart and just put me feet up for a while?

Let's see how I feel once I get home from the rest home.

For now... I'm off to get ready to go out.
Probably put a load of washing on, make the bed ... you know... all the usual stuff one does in the morning.

Here's a funny to start the day:

ABOVE:  I kid you not... he's got verbal diarrhea! Sometimes when he's telling me a story, recounting something that happened during the day I literally sit there waiting, rolling my eyes, waiting some more .. for him to get to the bloody point!  lol

Poor man... I don't think he's ever going to change.  He's damn lucky I love him, cos sometimes I just want to throttle him!  *smiles*


DOGSTARS:  Wow! Thank you so much for the botanical lesson.  I, and probably every other reader on here DID NOT KNOW that there IS a Fir/Conifer tree that loses it's needles in winter!

Tamarack (Larix laricina), also known as American larch, is a very unique member of the pine family — one that loses its needles in fall. ... Tamarack has a narrow trunk that is covered with thin, gray bark on younger trees and red-brown, scaly bark on older trees.

9.36 am:  And I'm just home from my meeting at 'work'.  lol
Guess what?   I start next MONDAY!!!  Three days of orientation, then straight into the deep end on Thursday and Friday.   Eeeeeek.

I hope I don't blow the bloody clothes dryer up!  Or take Mr Brown's clothes to Mrs Smith!  lol
I'm sure I will get the hang of it over time. 

Is it normal to feel a bit nervous???  *smiles*

I'm going into Hamilton now... I've got a $40 off voucher at Spotlight!  I really SHOULD use it before it expires eh?

Catch ya a bit later.

It's later.  2.15 pm to be exact.

And I've been to Hamilton... a most successful trip too I must say.

 ABOVE:  First stop was Spotlight, where, with the 'normal' savings in store, and my $40 voucher....   instead of my stuff costing $167, it cost me  $63.  I SAVED $104!!!   Score.

ABOVE:  Boom!

ABOVE:  I just finished working out my roster/private work... and NOTHING clashes!

NOW... in answer to everyone's questions about how much I'm going to be working... this is my 'roster' of both my private jobs and my new job...

ABOVE:  It's  a two week roster... which just repeats.

So in Week one, with both private and the rest home, I do 16 hours work, with no weekend work.  

In Week two, with Private and Rest HOme I do 20.5 hours work, and work Saturday and Sunday, with a break in between the two separate shifts to come home for lunch.

I think it looks really good... I get plenty of time 'off' to do me own thing, sew and so on.

8.30 pm:  time to sign off for the day.  I'm trying to decide if I'm gunna sit and watch TV, or do some sewing.  *sigh*
Either way, I will be on me butt! lol


  1. haha "Let's see how I feel once I get home from the rest home." Somehow that just sounds funny!

  2. HA HA! Love it, Stew! That is me!
    Good luck this morning with the meeting!

  3. Mine's exactly the same. Drives everyone batty but we luv them anyway 😁

  4. My mother in law is the worst at story telling and we will sah we already heard the story and she just keeps going on.

  5. If you weren't nervous you wouldn't be human. You'll be fine. How will that job fit in with your "private" ones?

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Congrats on the new job. You will be great! I wish I had your passion for cleaning :-) That sounds like a full on week. Will you be there 5 days a week once you get started? Michelle from Oz

  7. Absolutely normal to be nervous, and it shows you care about doing a good job.

    I am also wondering how many hours you are going to do at the new job! But I know you know what you are doing and you don't have to answer all our questions. Congratulations again, hope you find a moment to celebrate with Stew at least! xx

  8. OMG, totally normal to feel nervous! That's fantastic that there is a deciduous fur tree! I suppose where I was coming from with my comment was that over in Coromandel they ring bark the pines to kill them and allow the native bush and trees to grow so you see the tall, dead pine trees sticking out. I have to laugh that your work is a 'rest' home when you'll be doing anything but rest while there! How many days will you be working, is it full time?

  9. Well thats amazing about the trees Thanks Dogstar I honestly didnt know that either/ We think pine trees /Radiata etc, and all year round greenery dont we??

    And must say in comparison to Gum trees WEELL enough said , but we do get Koala in them ,so cant be all bad!!

    Love the tree runners ,,So Kiwiana.

    Fab about your job Chris . Good on you.. You wont get Mr and Mrs stuff mixed up (smiles)cos if most goes to plan,, they leave the labels in them so can sort out by name brands usually..

    I cut every tag out of every new thing we buy, as the washing instructions down the sides of tops and tags at the neck are a pain.

    Its understandable to be nervous but you will be fine you have a happy home to come back to each day as well


  10. Exciting times ahead !! Congratulations on your new job 😁

  11. That's so cool and yours so organised to get that all done and have you time as well REMEMBER TO EAT take dnacks.

  12. I hate housework...need you house badly needs a top to tail clean!!

    You will be fine there, yes its normal to be nervous...

  13. I have the $40 Spotlight voucher too. The shop keeps sending these out to members every few months. So annoying. Now I have to go buy $100 worth of something (I don't really need) just to use the voucher.

  14. Love how Stew tells a story. I used to say (about my late husband)......ask Den the time and he'll tell you how to build a watch!


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