Wednesday, May 29, 2019


YES!!!  It's my last day of Orientation... after today I am on me own... and can just get on with the job.  

There is just one more thing to learn today... so hopefully it isn't as back breaking as it sounds!  SCRUBBING walls and floors?  
Hmmmm...... I'll let ya know how that goes later.  *smiles*

Have I said how much I am enjoying this new job?

It's not too arduous, it's in a nice environment... the oldies are just lovely!  I get lots of little 'chats' as I go around.  They are, on the whole, most appreciative of my efforts too.

No one seems to take me for granted, I get lots of smiles from everyone.
The other staff are super friendly and seem to be happy in their jobs too.

I think this place is well run, and the residents are well cared for.  

Once I'm home from work today I will probably just have lunch and then relax again.  I'm trying to kick this cold/cough to the curb.  
I've got work for the next 4 days in a row, making this a 6 day work week!

At least that won't happen again now that Orientation is over today!  


I didn't enjoy today at all.
Half way around my duties and I was emptying a small rubbish bin in a room and got pricked by something in the bag.
It was an open blood test lancet... in fact there were a few in the bag and one on the floor!

NOT supposed to be in there at all.  So I told my buddy who was training me... and she reported it to our supervisor immediately.

Who then reported it to the General Manager.

I in the meantime, poured disinfectant on me finger, changed gloves and carried on.

End of my shift, I had to fill in an Incident Report, and am waiting for the next step, which will MOST LIKELY be a blood test tomorrow according to everyone involved.  GREAT.

So now I'm home, and I'm feeling a bit nervous?  I hate blood tests.  And the 'what ifs' involved with pricking myself with someone else's friggin lancet.


Lesson learnt though, be more CAREFUL!  

Took a TWO HOUR long nana nap this afternoon!  Out like a light I was.  Then I had a visitor drop off some cheesecake from Card Night last night.   Awwww, that was lovely.

Now I should be getting dinner ready... but I've no idea what to cook.  *sigh*

Stew cooked chicken schnitzel and veges.  I didn't feel hungry at all... but did have some at 9.25 pm when my tummy started rumbling.  Now I feel much better!

Signing off for the day, hope nothing shit happens tomorrow!


  1. Hopefully because it's not a needle it hasn't drawn blood. Of course there's a chance of blood on it but minimal. Cross fingers!! 🙁

  2. Someone will get into huge trouble, rest homes have very strict protocols for sharps (well they are supposed to). I am sure everything will be fine but still not nice. Apart from being stabbed, how was the rest of your shift :-)

  3. Gees .... that was a huge case of negligence on the part of the person who put the lancets in the rubbish bin. There should be a sharps container for those. Someone's head should roll for that breach of health and safety protocols. Sorry you have to go through this stress though.

  4. Easier said than done,,I know but go for 100% positive results Chris .

    . I know getting bloods taken is not your happy place,

    but last three tests I have had done,, lying down (cos am a fainter) have been a piece of cake, and drinking plenty of water brings the veins up so hopefully same will happen for you..

    I am sure results will be OK and you will soon find out .

    Hope you can get a restful afternoon and shake off the sickness from last week etc


  5. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Woah. That is bad practice anywhere. Take care of that cold. How's Stew doing? Kj

  6. Shit bugger poop you dont need morr bloody stress Chris

  7. Gosh that's no good hopefully all is better tomorrow remember food fluid restx.

  8. Im horrified, what a thing to happen,you should be upset, I am ,having to wait also, and worry.Just hope the results wont be too longcomeing.THE OLD MOO.


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