Thursday, May 16, 2019


So... last night I had some fun thinking about, then choosing a design for a car sign.
A magnetic sign, one that just sticks on me car.

Because I am running my little business OVER the table, I wanted to put some signage on my car.  

At the end of the financial year I can then claim for running costs, along with my cleaning supplies etc.

So, I chose a template, added my words and this is what I have ordered for my car:

ABOVE:  I love it, Stew loves it too.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  I've ordered two of course, one for each side of my car.
I couldn't believe how cheap they were too. I got them from Vistaprint if anyone's interested in getting some too.
They do all sorts of sizes too, not just car ones.

Today I have a house to clean, then home for lunch.

After lunch I am having an hour long break, then I have an FBG walk.  It's another half walk for me, I'm doing catch ups.  
Truth be known I am really enjoying the half walks right now... I don't get quite so tired doing only around 2.5 - 3 kms each time.

My toe is finally no longer hurting much at all, and my back is certainly getting better too.

Fingers crossed I don't do myself a mischief again. *smiles*

And that's all I've got for now, so catch ya later.


12.45 pm:  Home, had lunch, now chilling out till I go on the FBG walk.
I love doing my job, I get a real kick out of leaving a home sparkling clean and tidy!

Something that pretty much never happens here cos of friggin teenagers and dogs.

I bet in ten years I will have nothing to do around here cos there's only me and Stew!  Bet I bitch about that too.  *smiles*

I now have a 'work' break till Monday afternoon, when I start the 'Orientation'  stage of working at  the rest home.  OMG I am still so nervous!

Not about the cleaning aspect, that's a doodle.  But the laundry, the big machines, getting all the clothes to the right people... THAT scares me silly!  

I hope I'm worrying about NOTHING... but I won't know that till I'm there and actually doing it.

And now that I've updated here, I really can relax for a while.  

5.43 pm:  This afternoon I went on an FBG walk.  First time ever after I finished, I felt like I wanted to leave the group.
The walks are supposed to be enjoyable, but today I had an argument with the walk leader over part of the walk.  

We came up to a shared DRIVEWAY, it was NOT on our map or in the instructions, but she insisted we had to go down it.   I pointed out the 'facts', but no.  She made everyone walk down a driveway!

Me being me, didn't.  I stayed on the street and waited for them.   It just soured the whole walk after that.

I got in my car at the end of the walk and felt like crying.  Instead I went and visited my friend Sue T.  We had a good chat, shared some cupcakes and then I went and picked up Stew's prescription and came home.

I've just put dinner on, which is Teryiaki chicken on rice, with garlic bread on the side.  

P.S. I've decided to stay in the FBG's, but simply NOT go on any walks lead by 'M'.  That way I don't end up getting upset/cross/or want to throttle her!

ABOVE:  Today's walk photo. 'M' took the photo, so isn't in it (by the way).

So I know the walk 'incident' wasn't a biggie, but there's a few other issues going on with FBG stuff that's getting me down too.  So ... that's why today just upset me a bit.  I will get over it, don't worry.

I've spent the evening doing bugger all!  Watching TV mostly.  I want to sew, but Coronation Street is on tonight, can't miss that!

Signing off for the day now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Love the car Sign Mum...have a good day love Ya

  2. It's great that you are doing your business legally and not 'under the table'. Much better to be above board and claim for things. You are going to be so busy!!

  3. Love the sign... we use Vistaprint for all our business needs signs,banners,clothing,cards etc
    you could even get your logo printed on some t-shits :O)

  4. You may get more work than you bargained for !

  5. VistaPrint yeap cant beat there prices and service...I had all my biz cards and letter heads when I was in biz

  6. Love that sign and the fact that you can have them on,, and when they need to come off no harm done to the paintwork. Good on you designing it yourself you surely have an artistic streak and that shows in your craft work too.

    Can only get better from here on in, now you have contacts for work etc Thats whats so important Word of mouth . Love the half walks those and the many more hours HW you are doing, combined will help so much with the fitness levels for winter coming up

    Enjoy your day!!


    Enjoy your day

  7. Maria1:15 PM

    The rest home my Mum was in made everyone have name labels on their clothes, this one probably does too.

  8. I am sure they have a logical system in place for getting the clothes to the right places. And the machines will be no different than your home machines. JUst a bit bigger. You will be master of that domain in 1 weeks time!

  9. all your new work ventures are soooo exciting, it's nervous to be a little bit intimidated, Christy xxx

  10. Good luck with the orientation. Bet in a month's time you know it all so well you'll start getting bored there. But at least you won't be by yourself, as you said.

  11. You HAVE to stay with the FBG's. It's such a great idea. Surely, M felt like a fool after that foray (even if she didn't admit it). The odds of that happening again are probably pretty slim!

  12. Loving the sign very you.
    Stay with the group it's your thing.


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