Sunday, May 12, 2019


Mum, Ma, Marshall, Maudy, THE OLD MOO... have a really lovely Mother's Day.

I will give you a phone call this afternoon, once I'm home from Market.

And talking about me Mum... I got a parcel from her yesterday!  Most unexpected.  It's not me birthday!  But really lovely... you are right Mum, we all love to get mail/parcels.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Mum sent me a lovely nautical scarf and top.  The top fits perfectly too.  I'm thrilled with them.  And yes, I just realised the scarf is upside down in the photo and I don't have time to take another.

Stew and I are up and getting ready to go to the Market.  The weather is looking very iffy, the forecast is for rain and wind.  I hope it's not going to be too bad or I will be packing up and coming home early.

If I can, I'll post an update during the morning of how it's going.


ABOVE: nearly 10 am... made a few small sales. But its quiet.
Having a hot water bottle on my knees has made a HUGE difference to how cold I am!  In fact... I'm not cold at all.

And the rain is holding off too.

1.42 pm:  And we are home from Market.  And it was an OK day.  The lady who commissioned the Large Wonky House Runner picked it up and was so thrilled with it, she paid MORE for it!

So lucky too, the rain held off too.  Still expecting it later on today though.

Now we are home, it's quiet time.  Lunch.  Ring Mum for Mother's Day.

I'm still waiting to hear from half of my kids, fully expect not to hear from all of them though.

Well, it's 9.50 pm and I've been wished a Happy Mother's Day from 6 outta 8 of my kids.  Not bad I suppose?

It's been a lovely day, followed by a really lovely dinner cooked by Stew.

And now, I'm signing off as I have an appointment in the morning, so need to get some sleep!  Was awake at 5 am this morning... so am quite tired.


  1. Good luck for your market today. What lovely gifts from your Mum!

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Oh wow your mum is awesome. It's always nice to get a parcel. Hope you have a successful day at market. Kj

  3. Wonderful to get a surprise in the mail, happy mothers day to you.

  4. Have a great day Chris

  5. hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day. Happy to hear you were warmer at Market today brrrrrr... Christy x

  6. Glad the market turned out ok! Happy belated Mother's Day to you!

  7. I love the scarf u too had a lovely mother's day


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