Tuesday, May 07, 2019


I'm getting stressed out!
I'm running out of time to get at least three small Tree Table Runners done by Sunday!

I have to get the Large Wonky House Wall Hanging done first.

So, once I get back from work late morning, I will be pulling out all the stops to get the House Runner done as much as possible today.

My job today will be cleaning windows/window frames and not much else.  'P' has been away on holiday and is due back today sometime, so I don't expect the house to be needing much else done like vacuming and washing floors etc.
So, windows all morning!  

I'm looking forward to seeing that cute little horse again too!  The cat?  Not so much.  Last time I was there it followed me around all morning crying.

It's lonely with P away of course, but it did my head in.  And I'm really NOT a cat person... though every once in a decade I do think about getting another one.

Our last cat was just lovely, but sadly she got run over on the road at least 20 years ago now.  It put us off getting another one.

My friend Sue T just got a little kitten... made me consider it for... a millisecond.  Then I grimaced and dismissed the idea again.

OK, I'm just waffling now, so I will bugger off and start my day.  Get work done and then I can sew.


SHIT!  I just walked past the Wonky House Wall Hanging, laid out on the lay out table, and realised I had forgotten something.

CHIMNEYS!  There's NONE on any house.  Frig I will have to add them when I get home, before starting to sew.

ABOVE: busy... busy. No time to yak.
What are YOU doing?

4.35 pm:  And I've been sewing for HOURS.  Got this much done:

ABOVE: This runner is 150 cm X 65 cm ... so a BIG ONE.
I'm still thinking about if I will put something on the 'ground' ... like pavers or paths?
Not sure.

But one thing's for sure, it's 75 % done.  Such a relief.  I should be able to finish it tonight!

8.20 pm:  Just home from an FBG walk.. Brylee and Griffin came too.  It was a long walk tonight, around 6.2 kms.

And we walked past our own home:

ABOVE: So... perfect chance for a walk photo with good lighting!  lol

And now, it's time to grab something for dinner, (left overs I think), then relax for a while.


  1. Awww how special the little kitty chose you for company. Mine was cold this morning so I had to sit in the chair with him on my lap for a few minutes before I left for work :)

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    It nice poor old Kitty has you for company and to help with the chores...lol...


  3. Another busy day for you all there.. I didnt even notice the lack of chimneys on the wonkies.
    Hope you get a good afternoon on them to catch up.Love your wee companion at the window!!

    Did some retro shopping this morning while out and about but didnt find much at all , its like that some days .

    lovely sunny day again so leave sweep up gardening just done by DH ready for the green bin pickup.
    Love this time of year cos everything's changing in the garden.

    Got our NZ passports back a day apart!! so now set up for 10 years so thats another job ticked off.

    Sounds like Brylee and Griffin are enjoying their jobs so that's great ,,

  4. What am I doing,been for scan on hips,bought long pants,t shirt, and a pink sleeveless knitjumper,to wear over it.went to Woolies got some yummies for lunch.Its quite ccld today 21deg. Does anyone know a cure for cramp.Get it at night awful.Or is it an age thing,THE OLD MOO.

    1. Mum you always get cramps! More salt, or go to the doctor and get Quinine or whatever it's called.

    2. Penny8:17 PM

      Or magnesium might help? Salt and magnesium address this for me. Good luck, Chris's Mum!

    3. Get some bloody salt in ya granny, just a bit of salt in all your meals and you'll find your cramps will get better and better, and if not then just get yourself a walking frame :) love you

    4. Anonymous11:06 PM

      Magnesium works for me. It also helps you sleep. Kayjay

  5. You should feel honoured the cat CHOSE to be with you lol.

    Love the wonky house runner. Are you keeping a note of how long it takes so if you get another request you can estimate the houses of work + materials and charges accordingly so you are making a decent profit?

    1. Tracy you never get back anything on your time. I've learnt though that I do undercharge for materials. I will adjust that next time for sure.

  6. For your Mum Chris,, Blackmores Bio Magnesium tablets are supposed to be really good ,,I am on them now,. Supermarket has them about $18 I think they were and 150 tabs so last a while at 1 a day . Dont usual recco things but found they have helped me ..

    Funny isnt it that we now find 21 deg cool or cold
    so spoiled for the weather.

    Take care

  7. love the houses :)


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