Sunday, May 26, 2019


And... Stew is right at the start of this horrible bug!
I hope he's planning on staying home for the next few days!  I know exactly how he's feeling... like utter shit.

So today... if Stew's up to it, we should go into Hamilton so he can get his new business phone up and going.  He needs a professional to do the change over... he's like me, hopeless at doing that sorta stuff.

If we do go in, it will be just to do that.  He's probably feeling like just sleeping and feeling miserable.  *sigh*

Brylee had yesterday off work too, but I'm not sure what she's doing this morning.  She's got work... ???

Because I AM feeling a bit better, I plan on actually doing some sewing.  Soup Bowl Cosys for sure.

ABOVE:  I've got these fabrics cut to size ... so that's 6 lined up ready to sew.  Once I've done them, my very NEXT project is a baby boy quilt!

It's going to a dear blog reader who now lives in Australia.  I'm excited to finally be about to start it!

And now... I'm going to think about getting out of bed and starting the day, checking out how Brylee is and if she's going to work today?


Well... clearly Brylee does not have this bug, she's at work.
Stew is onto day two, doesn't want food, feels revolting/Chills etc.  He's got another 5 days to go before he starts to feel better.

We are going into Hamilton though, cos he does need to get his phone up and running.

Well... our day went like this:

Up late.
Off to Hamilton, got phone sorted out.
Lunch at the mall... couldn't eat even half of it.
Stew and I slept all afternoon.
Watched some TV.
Watched fog.

 ABOVE:  Woke to fog, looked at it all day, and now?  Still got fog.  So today no clear sky at all.  Cold and miserable.

 ABOVE:  My car stickers arrived... I think they look good on my car.

Sitting here looking to my left, who else has a 'junk' area', where they just end up dumping shit?

ABOVE:  I might just try sorting that lot out tonight.  Then at least I will have done SOMETHING TODAY!!!

I'm cooking some sausages for dinner, I don't know what will be on the side yet, probably some veges. 

And that's me done for the day, nothing else is gunna be happening around here!


  1. Sorry to hear the bug spread to Stew , but Brylee and griffin will probably(hopefully) dodge it, being a tad younger.
    Its amazing over 40 (smiles) things take a lot longer to get over but dosing up on the goodies of vitamins etc sometimes helps.

    ope you get the new phone up and running today, we are like you know lots of bits n bobs about life but when it comes to techno it takes the ones born in to it to give us the helping hand,

    Plus they deal and train for it remember (smiles)

    Hope you have a fab day tho its way past lunch time there now , I always forget the time diff.


  2. That pink/purple material is excellent!

  3. I hope that Stew feels better soon, and that a quiet day helps his recovery. These winter bugs certainly spread quickly. I hope you're feeling a lot better today too Chris.

  4. Magnetic sign looks good Chris

  5. Sounds like the day panned out as it should when you both are tired an unwell Afternoon naps often are worth their weight in gold when its been a huge week .

    Love the pics of your home in the fog (like any pic it shows the mood of the day and even fog can be pretty.

    , tho when you are in it its no fun if you are driving!!!.

    Been there, done that,, a million times smiles) and must say also the car stickers look the part


  6. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Best thing for Stew to do. Stay home and rest. Work can wait. Kj

  7. Oh lordy I hate feeling ill and stink weather is worse I'm in 24degrees sunshine lavalava x

  8. So glad that you are feeling a bit better Chris. I hope Stew gets over his cold quickly too.

  9. Sorry to hear Stew has the bug. You had a very bad dose. Good you're getting over it.
    Car stickers are a terrific idea.
    I'm envious everyone you have sausages for supper! I would love a decent NZ sausage! Next time I come to NZ I'll be walking out of the airport with a sausage in one hand and a meat pie in the other, filling my face with deliciousness lol

  10. Sounds more like the flu than a cold. Icky.


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