Thursday, May 02, 2019


It's another work day for me today.
Not that I actually 'work' for long!

But, housework is quite taxing, so I'm glad I only do a few hours. 

It's really good doing only a few hours a week, being my own boss.

So... my trolley.

I made it a..... SKIRT!  lol


ABOVE:  Like a skirt with pockets.  I'm happy with it, and I'm sure it will work just fine for the purpose I made it for.

I utilised the holes in the shelves perfectly!

Now I don't have to make multiple trips up and down hallways taking my stuff from one area to another... I just wheel it along with me in one go.  Excellent.  Sorted.

Once I get home from work I am going to take a break before getting on with some sewing.  My next market is in 10 days, so I better pull my finger out!
I've not made much since the last market.  In fact, I know I need to make at least 3-4 small Tree Table Runners, I have NONE.  Yikes.


ABOVE:  Forgot to show you where the broom/mop and duster go.  They are held down with a wide piece of elastic.  

I'm just so happy with this set up!

12.45 pm:  I've been home an hour... had me lunch and am now just relaxing for a little while.

My laundry trolley worked PERFECTLY!  I was so happy with how easy it was to get everything in and out of the car/house, and up and down hallways.  So good having most of what I use at a good height too... way less bending down.

PETA:  Yes I supply most of the cleaning products.  Things that are darn expensive (like Polishing Oil) I get them to supply.    I have a separate vacum and mop/broom etc for cleaning other people's homes. 
I wash my cleaning cloths in boiling water before putting them through the washing machine now as well.

Well, it's nearly 5 pm.  I should get dinner made.
Griffin and I are going for an FBG walk this evening around 6.45.

My sore toe, the one I dropped a pile of logs on is still giving me grief:

ABOVE: Although the bruising is all but gone, it's still horribly swollen and sore.  Wish it would just hurry up and get over itself.

Tonight's walk is extra long, so I hope I can do it!

Annoyed.  I could only manage the first half of tonight's walk.  Griffin did the whole walk, which was 6.1 kms.  I will have to do the second half of it another day/night.
My toe is throbbing now, and my back doesn't feel much better.

Did I tell you I pulled a muscle getting the Exercycle in my car on Tuesday?  Yeah, I brought it home from Steve and Bex's the other day.  I have plans to use it while watching TV in the middle of the day. Not every day, but some days when I am not walking.

And there ends another day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

lol, can't win!


  1. Can't wait for the feedback after cleaning with the new trolley set up. Will it be perfect or more trouble than it's worth? Can't wait to find out! It looks darling. If you approach a house with that set-up you will look very professional!

  2. I would try figure out a way to attach a bit of plastic pipe or something to hold the brooms upright - so they don't hit any corners and stick out where they can be bumped. The fabric is soooo cute!

    1. The broom/mop etc only stay on there like that to get them into the houses. After that I will take them off and put them against a wall. I might yet try to sort out a vertical 'hold' for them.

    2. Great idea having a vertical hold!! I'm sure you'll come up with something Chris.

  3. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Do you supply all the cleaning products, vacuum and mops etc? that seems a bit much..I wouldn't like to use my vacuum or mop in another persons home. My elderly father in law supplies all the products etc when the cleaner comes...I hope you charge when Stew had to drive over to bring you something, that is more petrol and time...don't get ripped off...


  4. Hope your morning has gone well

  5. OH my it is beautiful and functional!

  6. Glad it worked! Good idea!

  7. You really are a clever little cookie :-). Love the cleaning trolley.

    What is the next market you are doing?

    1. The local one here in Cambridge.

  8. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Sounds can get pop open vertical clips in hardware stores....I bet your customers are pleased with organised and efficient....lots of energy..


  9. Love the idea of having 2 sets of gear . Makes it easy to carry,, easy to care for ,,and trolley all set up .
    Looks like a good working space, to take to a good working place!!(smiles)

    Enjoy the fruits of your labour now ,, which is R&R for a while ..

  10. Like the trolley,pretty and practical.sewing today, made a nice new table cloth,with fring around the edge, looks pretty, of course didnt need one did I ,but a nice sit down job.Dull cool, damp day,The Old Moo.


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