Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Today... well this morning at least, will be a repeat of yesterday.

Up, feed and dress the kids and get them off to school.

Then Archer and I will pop into Onehunga to check out one fabric shop, before coming home for lunch.

After lunch the little man and I will head out to the airport to pick up Bex. She gets in from Invercargill at 1.15 approximately. 

After we've picked up the kids from school I will be heading home.

It's Card Night... so I'm  hoping to get home in time for that!

Catch ya later.


8 am... all ready for school.

It's  bloody freezing.

Dante is only in shorts and a t-shirt, so I tell him to get his jumper on.

He looks at me and says "But I'm  not cold!", and I reply "BUT I AM!"

That kid looked at me like I was crazy.

It makes perfect sense to me... right?  *smiles*

10.35 am and the smallest kid and I are home again.
Sewing Machine World in Onehunga doesn't  have that much fabric... but I did manage to find two cute panels to make into cot quilts:

SNORT... one is upside down, so I  will try and flip it before putting it on here!

I'll  be back in a mo...

ABOVE: How cool...that was easier than I thought it would be! 

It's much harder blogging on my phone, and editing photos is very rudimentary. Can't  do that much to them at all. Sad.

BUT... at least I can still  blog eh?

Right, Archer thinks he's  starving again... even though he's  had his breakfast AND lunch, all before 10 am! Little piglet.

ABOVE: She's  in the air... on her way home. I hope she's had a wonderful time. 

She certainly has a stunning day  to be flying.

5.11 pm:  and I just got home from Auckland.
Bex's plane landed BANG on time, so I had her picked up and home by 2 pm. Which meant I could get outta Auckland before the rush hour traffic.

So, I'm home a good two hours earlier than I anticipated.  Cool.
I even managed to stop in Hamilton to shop... only got a new bathmat, was looking for a trolley of some description to use when I'm 'working'.  

Something will turn up eventually.  I really need something to transport all my cleaners, rags, brushes etc from one end of the houses to the other.  Two of the houses are rather LONG.
And at the moment it takes me three trips to get everything from one end to the other!

I know it's all GOOD EXERCISE, but it's time wasting.

Anyway... I can now relax for a little while before unpacking everything and then going to Card Night.

CARD NIGHT:  Well I have to say it.  It was one of the most hysterical evenings we've had in a while.
And all because of my damn POTTY MOUTH!

One of our players kinda wound me up over the first hour or so with being a bit 'slow' playing, and at one point during a conversation, she just made me so ????  frustrated ...  I up and called her a Dumb Fuck.  

Yep. Out loud.  In front of everyone.

And everyone (except her) erupted into hysterics... two girls pretty much choked, they were laughing that much.  Sue T actually stabbed herself in the mouth with her fork, she had been about to take a mouthful of cake!!!!

And of course, from then on, we kept on laughing... it just got worse and worse.  I couldn't look at anyone without them bursting into laughter.

WHOOPS.  I really should try and control my mouth. 

ABOVE:  our hostess tonight was Janet E.  She has 5 dachshunds.  The one on the table is her puppy, her name is Lindt Caramel Surprise!  Puppy sat there all night, she is so cute!

I did not win or lose tonight... though I think playing cards became a bit 'beside the point' after we all lost it over my potty mouth.

I don't get how I don't offend everyone!

And on that score, I'm off to bed.


  1. Haha Dante is definitely my son, he doesnt feel the cold that much just like me. Have fun with Archie, and thanks again :)

  2. Haha that sounds about right i always have a argument with him about his jersey. Thanks also for helping out with the kids im on my way to queenstown now such beautiful scenery.

  3. Makes sense to me! If looking at him makes you cold, he needs to put more clothes on!

  4. I use to have similar conversations with the boys taking them to school...the youngest wouldn't wear longs and sweat shirt in wintr the eldest wouldn't wear shorts in summer...funny wee fellas miss them heaps. Loving the cot panels

  5. Fabulous you are having time up there and going back down memory lane bout lil ones and the cold .
    Its fabulous you can do that and lovely to see Steve and Bex are so appreciative as well..
    So envious of Bex with that fab scenery . All year round those places are amazing ( as is the Nth Isle as well (smiles)

    Love the new fabrics all bright and cheerful .

    people will love the colours when all done ,,,for the wee kiddies and they will sell well I am sure

    will be lovely to see Bex when she gets back,,, and the family are all back together again .Good day for all

    Travel safe . I am sure Stew,, Brylee ,,and Griffin are looking forward to you getting home


    an all round win for all and gets you seeing different scenery and life back in the fast lane of the City.

  6. If you couldn't blog on your phone you would never ever ever be allowed to go away!! Or you would have to take a laptop. Or something. My whole day's routine revolves around checking your blog!!!

  7. Plane just flying over now wonder if that Bex lol

  8. Of course the kid thinks your crazy,remember when it was cool not to wear a raincoat.Dont think you ever had one,you woudnt have worn it anyway.welcome home Bex,what a wonderfu view from the plane,The Old Moo.

    1. You are correct of course Mum! I still don't have or wear a raincoat!

  9. How about this trolley? You could put all your stuff inside plus have spray bottles off the side etc. The put the handle down and put straight into your car! https://www.warehousestationery.co.nz/product/W2262108.html

    1. I looked at one exactly like that today! They are a bit flimsy, so gave it a pass. Thanks for the link though!

  10. glad your enjoyed the visit: super cute pix of the kids yesterday!!! Christy x

  11. Glad you made it home in time for your soiree.

  12. LOL was she still talking to you?

    I have a fold up wagon that would probably work great for you.


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