Wednesday, April 24, 2019


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SON STEVE TODAY... we hope you have an awesome day.

Today I am working in the morning again.
I doubt Stew will be coming with me today.

He doesn't have to get up early to get Griffin to work, so he will no doubt have a much needed sleep in.

When I get home I am either going to sew, or paint.
I'd love to paint again really, but have got quite a bit to get done in the sewing room.

So.. yeah, probably will sew.

That's all I have for now, sorry it's a boring day.


1 pm:  Well.. home from work... which was good.  Got heaps done, I always leave feeling like I've made a difference.

I met a new friend today too:

ABOVE:  A little bit of company today!

ABOVE:  I don't even know if horsey was a girl or boy!   It saw me getting the garden hose and neighed it's head off and ran over to me!  So cute.

I read on the box of shower cleaner that you could use an orbital sander to apply it to the shower doors/walls... to make it easier and quicker.


ABOVE:  Of course I got out my handy dandy little orbital sander didn't I?

And I used a safety extension cord, so I didn't electrocute myself (YES RON, I ain't no fool)!  *smiles*

And OMG !!!!  It was amazing.

Except, I put the cleaning agent ON the sander pad first ... and guess what happened when I turned it on?

Yep, that shit flew all over the bathroom!  And me.

Lesson learnt, put that shit ON THE DOORS OR WALL, NOT THE SANDER.

 ABOVE:  I am in AWE of how good a job it does!  AWE I tell ya.   I think it will take another going over before I eliminate 100% of the water marks though.

 ABOVE:  I only did one side of the shower walls/door cos seriously, I'm friggin exhausted!
And to do the entire shower, and all the fiddly bits around the edges and taps etc, will take me at least 2-3 hours.  And I'm not up for that today.

I already had a huge mess to clean up after I spun that shit all over the bathroom!

ABOVE:  And yeah, I now need a shower!  I might get around to that shortly.

Brylee and Jordan are at the movies in Hamilton, coming back here for dinner and a SLEEP OVER!  

NOPE, he's not sleeping with Brylee, he's sleeping in the lounge on his Pat Malone.

I wonder how he will feel if I'm in me nightie when they get back?  Like, why would I have a shower and get dressed AGAIN?  lol

ABOVE:  And there ya go! All clean and in me nightie at..... 5 pm.  I hope we don't get any 'other' visitors, or I'll be racing down to me bedroom to actually put some clothes on!  lol

Dinner tonight was a really nice vege and bacon soup I made in the crock pot.  It simmered all day and was just lovely with some fresh bread.

And that's a wrap for the day.  Everyone is safely home from being out and about.


  1. Sometimes boring is good!! And happy birthday, Steve :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Steve. I hope that you have a good day too Chris - and manage to get some sewing done this afternoon.

  3. Happy birthday Steve hope you have a great day.
    Love the paintings and where did you get the shower glass cleaner from 😊
    Love ya

  4. Hope Steve has had a great birthday A cute wee friend Chris

  5. Two bonuses today working in the country and seeing that wee guy/girl so close to you (smiles)
    Love the fact you are close to town in living,, and also close enough to work "in the country " nearby

    Lovely day where we are today ,,,hard to believe its not winter as yet .

    Enjoy your painting sewing or quiet time ..


  6. Happy birthday Steve.
    Wish we had that shower cleaner here. We need a miracle cleaner on ours. Your shower is mighty!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Steve. Well done on the shower. What a great little horse.

  8. The shower looks great, lol on getting it all over yourself. My oldest boyfriend practically lives here and I'm sure he loves seeing my old lady "no bra Sunday" lol.


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