Monday, April 15, 2019


Well.... good morning!
Lovely Monday rolls around again.

Stew and Brylee will be off to work soon, Griffin (when he gets outta bed) will be out with his mates.  

So, it's a housework and sewing type of day for me.

Remember me mentioning I bought something totally unnecessary at Market yesterday?
Well... this is it:

ABOVE:  It's a perspex pyramid!  I saw it, decided it was super funky, and I really, really wanted it.
So I made Stew come back down to the market to look at it.  If he'd said "What the hell do you want that for?", I would have left it there.

BUT... he didn't.  So I got it.  *smiles* (it wasn't expensive at all)

For now... I think it's going to sit on the kitchen bench and have food put under it... or a plant?  Or whatever the hell I can think of.  It might not stay on the bench... we will see.

Isn't it funky???   It's got copper corners, and the top part is copper too.

And that's about all I have for now... I'm off to get ready for me day. 



***  4.25 pm:  ***

Oops, I have been fluffing around all day, doing a bit of this 'n' that!
Kinda forgot to blog.   Actually, there's not a lot to blog about.

I did some housework.  I went to the supermarket.  I yakked with my son till he buggered off to meet up with his mates.
I had lunch.
I wrote a list of stuff I needed to get done between now and the next Market.

Then I sat down and tried out a few different sizes of Soup Bowl Holders.  Cos some people have asked me if I had bigger ones?

ABOVE:  I made them 2 inches wider all around, and then mucked around with the inner measurements.  I tell ya, half an inch can make such a difference!   (DON'T be dirty!)

By adding half an inch to one measurement, the bowl holder came out too wide and shallow (the left one), and by making both measurements half an inch more, it came out too deep (the right one).

So I tinkered till I got it just right:

 ABOVE: This one is perfect!  It's the exact right dimensions in height and circumference for a bigger bowl.  And such pretty fabric!  Sadly, I don't have much of that fabric, so whoever gets the three bowls in that fabric will be lucky.

And now it's 4.30 pm and I have to stop and think about cooking some dinner.  I've got chicken drumsticks out, so some sort of casserole maybe?  Let's wait and see.

Stew broke the tip off one of our vegetable knives the other day.  He was good enough to own up to it immediately.


ABOVE: Whoops!  I just took the tip off our 'best' carving knife.  Oh well.... shit happens.  Should NOT try to prise the lid off a jar with one's best knife eh?

Well... the Pyramid has moved.  To the outside BBQ table... cos I needed to cut fabric on the kitchen bench.
And really, it was too big for the bench, and I couldn't find anywhere else inside the house for it!
So, it might just end up with plants in it?  
Time will tell.

Watching TV, You Tube videos on another 'craft' I wanna try... and generally being a bit lazy.


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    So cool, we have one the same! It is for succulent plants to keep indoors.

  2. hey Chris thats so neat .. Sometimes we just have to buy something "different" then go figure how we can use it .
    Lots of different ideas will float around as you go I think.

    Nice Score !!


  3. Lacy Harvey5:43 PM

    haha 😂....sorry I just couldn't help myself

  4. I didnt think it would stay in the kitchen very long. It is kind of cool though. Maybe you could use it as a display in your booth? It would keep small things safe and dry.

  5. I think it will be nice with plants in it. I still haven't made any bowl cozies although I probably should since people ask for them all the time.

  6. That soup bowl holders are so cool and bright no wonder they sell.


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