Saturday, April 06, 2019


The only thing on our agenda today is... bloody grocery shopping!

Stew loves telling me it's time to do it... knowing full well how much I loathe it.

Brylee has work till the afternoon.  Not sure if Griffin has?

Miss Z is just gunna have to tag along with Stew and I this morning ... I hope she likes grocery shopping!

Once that is done, I suppose it will be housework time, then sewing.

So, a quiet sorta day really.

Catch ya later... let's hope the day gets more interesting!


ABOVE: AT. THE. slowly getting there. *sigh*

LOOK!!! There's  a lettuce... that's healthy... right? *smiles*

8.01 pm:  Sorry I've been missing all day!  My computer spat the dummy and no matter what I did it wouldn't start again... for hours.
In the end it finally 'fixed itself somehow' and it was going again by about 7.30 pm.

While that was going on, we all puttered around the house doing various things.

I made a couple more Wonky House Small Runners:

ABOVE:  I really do love making these things... OMG I'm in trouble if I never sell another one! lol

I want to par down what I have on my market stand, but I want to keep these and the Tree Runners. Not sure what else will stay yet... coasters will of course, but I doubt the soft toys will.  

I cooked pork and salad tacos for dinner, they are very popular with the family.  I use the 'Stand and Stuff' Tacos, they keep everything contained and easy to eat. YUMMY.

I am going to sign off now, I'm tired and just want to chill out.  This bloody computer made me so stressed out all day, grrrrrr. 


  1. I'm with ya re grocery shopping and I'm not buying for 2 teens and I'm sure Griffin has hollow legs healthy groceries for your revamp healthy eating again there is a lot of preparation and thought goes into healty living or is that just me procrastinating


    1. TOOOOOoooooooooooo LATE. NOT JUST FOR

  3. I know what I saw and Choc was only a lil part of the big shop lol. The meat and all near the bottom and the lettuce and I am sure other things (smiles) keeps it Healthy as!!!

    I know once you are back on track all will go good,(join the club I am there with you)and having said that your fitness levels are great really with all the walking .

  4. Lettuce and chocolate just dont go together,what are you thinking.The family dont need it either,they can buy their own.The old Moo.

  5. The choc bar were stopping the lettuce from bruising against the trolly hey and u left them at the shop I'm sure lol

  6. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Wrap a piece of chocolate in a lettuce leaf, that will make it healthy lol

  7. Anonymous1:01 AM

    O.m.g. i loveeeeee jelly tip chocolate. Wish we got it over there Bee GC

  8. I've been doing that with my shop, I pretty much gave away the zip bags I had left since they take forever to sell.

  9. Jelly tip chocolate in freezer is better! Just saying yummmm


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