Sunday, April 28, 2019


Let's keep this short and sweet.

I'm sleeping in.

Come back later.


SLEEP?  Yeah nah, not really.

I woke up at my usual time... then just cat napped for a while.  Then I lay in bed and watched some You Tube videos for a while, till I got rudely interrupted!

An FBG friend (Robyn P) popped in to pick up some toys.  LOL, I was in me nightie, so trotted down the hallway to say 'Hi'!  

Just as well she got me up really, I had no idea it was quite as late as it was! (10 am).

So now, I'm about to get into some old shorts and t-shirt and do something I've been putting off for days.

ABOVE:  Cleaning that bloody shower of mine!
Yep, been procrastinating about that particular job.  But ... it will get done today, then I can have a shower and get ready to leave for Auckland.

Hopefully I don't get caught in 'end of school holiday' traffic?
School starts again tomorrow, so I'm thinking there MIGHT be a lot of traffic, but who knows?  Today is wet, so maybe people went home yesterday?  I hope so.

I've not done any packing yet, but as it's only a couple of days, I won't need to take much.
Should be ready to go after lunch, mid afternoon at the latest.

 ABOVE:  And it's freaking well done.  It took two hours, as I thought it would!  And then I needed a shower, so I had it in the kid's shower, so I didn't mess up mine! 
I want it to look this good for a whole day at least.  *smiles*

Kelly and Rena came out to pick up a playpen, nice to see them.

ABOVE:  Rena decided to have lunch with me, we had spaghetti and cheese toasted sandwiches.  So yum, they keep you going all day!

And now I'm going to pack my bag, and get ready to head off to Auckland in the next couple of hours.

4.33 pm: and I'm  safely in Auckland.  Traffic was perfectly normal! No hold ups anywhere... it was a dream run in fact.

I'm now winding down for the day. Looking forward to a few hours of just relaxing.

Dinner was lovely.. Steve did a chicken, bacon and vege bake. Yummy.

Three kiddos fed, bated and now in bed. Quiet time ... going to watch more of 'Suits'. Yaaaa

Steve and I just watched 5 episodes of Suits... it was wonderful. I haven't been able to watch it lately cos the Netflix wouldn't work down in the new sewing room.

I need to have the connection re-signed to our internet extension.  Must get Griffin to do that when I get home.

But for now... it's  bedtime.


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    We have changed to liquid soap in the shower, it greatly reduces the soap scum.


  2. All essential shower cleaning supplies toothbrush is the best for the corners hey Chris...I only use white vinegar for cleaning mine in a mist bottle allergic most cleaning products now but if I have a cut lemon I give it a wipe with that too...hope u r well on the road to snuggle town have a great couple of days look forward to photos of the mushrooms I mean munchkins

  3. Chris that is a great advt for that product Looks fab,, and with 2 to do here ,, DH has volunteered for the job .. Longer arms than mine and taller (smiles)

    Fab for you to have Kelly and Rena call by .. Amazing the way those toastie things have done a full circle . and our Grandies are now enjoying them.

    She looks bright and happy having her lunch ,,

    you probably have left by now so Travel safe and enjoy time with Steve n the wee ones up there..

    Cheers !!

  4. Your shower looks amazing! (May be your car could take you south instead and you could come and do wonders with mine! *grin*). Safe travels to Auckland - have fun looking after the Auckland grandkids.

  5. Sad news about the accident on ohakuri road.8 people dead, just hope it wasnt any of our friends.Lets know when you find out.Ring or txt me.Feel dreadful for the families anyway.The Old Moo.

    1. It was just before Ohakuri Road on that sweeping curve at the top of the hill after you pass Atiamuri. Dreadful accident. One young boy has survived the crash, all others died.

  6. Chris so happy you are safe and sound and lovely to be with some of the Whanau

    We Heard about the tragedy in the Atiamuri area ,,,very late this morning , after we got home from a 45 k drive for breakfast meetup ,,,with family on a freeway area,,110 ks

    Was so glad to be home safe n sound and appreciate the fact we all got home safe n sound and others going in the other direction 5 hrs are ok as well

    I see another annonymous poster concerned,,, also knows the area too


    8 lives lost,, what a terrible loss of lives, and for the other ones family in the other car and sadness for so many families

  7. Your shower looks show room clean. I'm the only person in my home who does the cleaning and I'm not that good at it (or want to be). I hate cleaning! Also I don't want to trigger my tennis elbow. So many excuses... I wish I can afford to pay someone to come clean my home. As for decluttering, we have so many bulky things to get rid of but over here, getting rid of bulky items is tricky. Either you pay to get it done or you get the town council to do it but it's limited to 3 items per month and there are some restrictions like built in stuff they won't do for you.

  8. That shower looks amazing! Cleanliness and just the design period. Glad you were able to rest in a smidge.

  9. Of all the weird things! Yesterday, I was on a 5 hour car ride (passenger). I was bored... and being a fan of Spaghetti'O's - I decided to google Tinned Spaghetti New Zealand. Well, some article came up about your Prime Minister adding tinned spaghetti to a pizza! This intrigued me - so I continued scrolling. And someone commented about making a grilled cheese with tinned spaghetti on it. Of all the odd coincidences. I think I was reading about this unique sandwich at the very moment Rena was eating the exact same thing! I must absolutely try BOTH of those recipes!

  10. The shower is so sparkly! How does Stew like that shower does he have enough arm room?


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