Tuesday, April 16, 2019


I stumbled onto something on You Tube the other night... and I've now got a burning desire to try this:


ABOVE: It's Liquid Paint Pouring!  Messy.  Sort of similar to the Alcohol Ink Painting I did a year or so ago, but using paints instead of ink.
OMG I love it!
And like I NEED to add another 'hobby' to my already full days?

But, I am going to give it a try ... and SOON.

But certainly not today.  Today I have my cleaning job to do at 'P's.  Then I will be coming home to sew.

I got a commission for a large Wonky House Runner last night.  The lady saw my Runners at the Market on Sunday, and text me last night with the dimensions/colours etc that she wants.  She's already paid a deposit too!
Cool eh. 

It's so LOVELY when people really appreciate and love my work!   I am still waiting to hear from the Real Estate Agent who commissioned a House Runner two months ago too!  I might just give her a phone call soon... see what the hold up is.

But for now... I better get up and get the day started.  


12.45 pm:  And there I am, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, cleaning... killing a million spiders and YOU?
Nothing.  Not a word from anyone!
Are ya all so busy ya can't be bothered stopping and saying SOMETHING? Pffffft.

This blog has been looked at/read 300+ times already TODAY... !  Not good enough.  Maybe I will go on strike?  

Yeah.  Might take a break for HOURS.

Have some lunch.  Watch some TV.  Do some sewing.  

You all have a nice day. *sniff*

*** ***  I'm thinking of going into Hamilton for some paint and shit ! *** *** 

I didn't go into Hamilton after all.  Decided I've got too much on my plate right now... but I will be trying it sooner rather than later.

ABOVE:  Me Mum decided to send me a photo of a runner I made, on her dining room table... cos she loves it.  Thanks Mum.
And I'm not BLITHERING!  I was having a bitch! lol

3.35 pm:   And I forgot something quite 'important' to tell you about today!!!

Brylee met a young man at her work, and they have been dating for a few weeks now.  And today, he came home with her for dinner.

Yep... we finally get to meet Jordan.

And so far, I'm quite impressed!

 ABOVE:  Meet Jordan.  He's rather cute.  
And he baked cookies!!!!   YEP, he baked.

 ABOVE:  Double chocolate no less!  Bloody YUM!
Not bad Jordan, you can stay for dinner.

ABOVE:  I watched him arrive in his car... it's a bloody PURPLE SHAGGIN' WAGON!!!   When I said that to him, he had NO IDEA what I was talking about.
This indicates he's a good boy.  *smiles*

Brylee... keep going out with him, but don't get in the back of that wagon!

DOGSTARS:  Yes, he gave me his permission. *smiles*

9.35 pm:  Home from Card Night with the girls, another very enjoyable evening had by all.
I didn't win, or lose tonight.  But it's not about winning or losing really, it's about having fun.

Time to sign off for the day... catch ya tomorrow.

OH and THANK  YOU for all the lovely comments!  {{{HUGS}}}


  1. Oh please pleasae don't go on strike! I for one would miss your blog terribly, I do look forward to it every day. I am in Canada, and I have learned so much about your country from you! Thanks for this...

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I was cleaning this morning too Left home at 5.45 for a 6am start finished that at 8 went to the second part of the job and finished that @ 9.45 instead of 10.00 so I could catch the bus home. I have nearly done my 10,000 steps

  3. Those paintings look like SOOOO much fun. I think I have seen videos of the process. 300 views before 1 pm? My goodness - you have a good following! Awesome!

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Hi Yes we are a bunch of slackers...enjoying your blog...I love your runners...


  5. That painting type stuff is brill. Have a family member who does it and the fab thing is, no two pieces are the same .
    Am in the process of getting one delivered this weekend . Its round so makes for interesting pic.
    Will put it in our roon above the bed cos thats a blank wall atm/

    Busy days like you and remember you start your day 2 hrs ahead of us so we arenot long after doing brekky when you are doing morning coffee (smiles)

    Your craft things are going well Great thing is you get pleasure doing them and others get pleasure owning them .. Win Win situation.

    take care and enjoy the cooler weather as we are .. Fab time of the year..

  6. Lol. Love the "yelling" I just got back into reading blogs again because I am a lazy girl. Happy to see your well!

  7. Stop blithering, most of us are busy.Today so far Ive done some grocery shoping,and had morning tea,now need to make up 3 beds ,make a large bacon and egg pie,bake some scones,and think about dinner.Visitors fom UK.comeing tomorrow.3 adults 2kids.looking forward to seeing them. Much more to do butwont find the time.Im supposed to be retired,bit of a laugh realy ,women never retire.The Old Moo.

  8. I ALSO look forward to your blog.

  9. Love the paint pouring, I can see you being brilliant at that - just like everything else you turn your crafty paws to :-)

  10. AW! He's cute, great smile, has a car, has a job, looks like a sweety and those cookies look AMAZING!

  11. I forgot the most important thing..... He is permitting himself to be on your BLOG! What a guy!

  12. Jordan seems lovely - he baked cookies!!!!!

    I suspect the term "shaggin wagon" may be less about him understanding the meaning & more about showing our age lol

  13. Anonymous6:16 PM

    In Australia that’s a station wagon, A shag gin wagon was. Panel van ( back in the 70’s /80’s

    1. Yes it's a station wagon here too... but anything that you can put a mattress in the back is also a 'shaggin wagon'. lol

  14. OK: those cookies are adorable!!!! PS: go to the shops and buy the paint and start the new artwork.... I'd love to see it. Christy xxxxx

  15. Look on my friends list on FB fir Claudia Riley, she does some pretty amazing acrylic paintings, she might be able to give you a few pointers. Just mention my name if you do

  16. I have never been able to comment on your blog unless I am on my desktop - iPhone says the comment has been uploaded but it never works. :(

  17. Can't wait to see a picture of the two of them together. I reckon they will make a pretty good looking couple. And he bakes. A keeper.
    And we've probably all frightened him off now!!

  18. Chris I was going to ask you how Sue W was and I see she has posted on here.

    I so enjoyed reading her blog until recently along with another Sue you all knew each other I am unable to find it? now but can find Sue PC on instagram and see her posts ? Sorry to crash your blog but through them I found your blog a couple of years back

    Cheers !!

    1. Hi there, I'm trying to get back into it, got a new pu that's keeping me busy. Thanks for thinking of me :D x

  19. LOLOL Purple Shagging Wagon too funny!

  20. Ohh he's a keeper bakes cookies! Impressed


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