Friday, April 05, 2019


First up for today.... I am driving Miss Z and Griffin to school.
Weird having to get a kid up and ready for school again!

Then... I'm off on an FBG walk. 

Last year the FBG's got a new LOGO, but I kept wearing my shirt from the first year, with the old LOGO on it, of the Fat Bottomed Girls. I don't like the new LOGO at all.  I love the old LOGO.

Anyway, I finally had to succumb and get a couple of new shirts, but I came up with a sneaky way to keep my old LOGO:

ABOVE: I cut it off the old shirt and stitched it on the new one!  So, I have BOTH LOGOS on me shirts.
I have one more new shirt arriving today ... and I have one more old shirt to cut the LOGO off and attach to the new shirt.

These two new shirts should last a couple of years, then I don't know what I will do!

Moving on.  After the walk this morning I will come home and sew a bit, or do some housework around here.

Then this afternoon I'm off to meet up with two ladies, whose homes I will be cleaning.  One is a definite, the other is a possibility, but it looks very promising.

So, it's going to be a busy day.

I like busy days!

Lastly for now... I tried making a Wonky House Coaster a little differently last night:

ABOVE:  What do ya think?  Black with white stitching.  Certainly different.  Miss Z loves it.


Well it's midday and this morning has just flown by!
Kids are safely at school.
My walk went well...

ABOVE: I'm really upset with myself.  I've gained so much weight over summer.  And OMG you can see it clearly now.
PROBABLY time to stop being a pig and get back on track I think.
Today's walk had a long, slow uphill section and I was quite pleased that I managed it without huffing and puffing!  Can't be quite as unfit as I thought.

Now... I am going to do an hour's sewing before getting ready for my two meetings this afternoon with potential 'employers'.  

OH and I got home from my walk to a job offer from a place here in town for cleaning their offices too!  I turned that one down as they were only paying bare minimum wages, and hell... I'm getting almost double that on my own jobs.

TRACY AND OLD MOO:  I'm not wanting to go 'big' with this cleaning business!  I just want enough work so I've got a job a day during the week and am earning enough to cover the 'extras' in life... like fabric!  lol

7.12 pm:  OMLord I've been busy today!
I had the meetings this afternoon with potential employers... and both are taking me on.
I will be working at 'P's two mornings a week.. there's a lot to do at her home.
And then one morning a fortnight at 'M's... and she has a HUGE home... so three hours there.

And for now, I'm going to leave it at that!  Three mornings a week working.  If I find I want more, well it looks like I can easily fill another few spaces!

After I got home from the meetings... my cousin from Taupo called in.  And we yakked.  And yakked.  And just when I thought I might need to make up another bed... she left!  lol

Dinner was a bit late, poor kids were starving!

So, I got bugger all sewing done today ... maybe I will get some done now?

Who knows.  Coronation Street is on tonight... dumm dee dooo....

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. How exciting - your own cleaning empire - you could even start employing others if you become "big enough", it would be the best cleaning company in town :-).

  2. Good on you with the jobs that at the end of a week add up to time spent and some extra $$$ earned ..
    Love the fbg group pic and the pooches make it all good too

    All the best with interviews today and Gr8 Griffen has the L start sorted..

    Enjoy the weekend
    We are doing renos today so all fun and new learning as we go!!

  3. Think more about your diabetes than your weight. When your eating was good, so was your blood sugar :) I had an idea about that FBG logo on your old T shirt, why not make it into a badge you can put on any T shirt? I'm sure you are clever enough!!

    Good to turn down that office cleaning job - as you said, why work for half the pay.

  4. At the risk of upsetting you (and don't post this if it does) but I can see the difference. I had to look twice to make sure it was you. I agree with Lynda about the health aspect but sometimes the vanity side of things is a bigger kick in the rear!! You have done this before and you did well. Looked great, felt great etc. You can do it again. Maybe keep this photo somewhere you can see it regularly as a not so gentle reminder of what you don't want to go back to. That, and the thought of insulin injections!!

  5. Wow you got booked up fast!

  6. The group FBG is big alright so neat to see all you ladies.


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