Tuesday, April 23, 2019


This morning I have work at 'P's home for a couple of hours, then I can come home and do some of my own.

Last night I gave that new shower cleaner a go on a small section of our shower glass door.

This is how it came up:

ABOVE:  Bear in mind I only did a small part of the side!  But as you can see, it's going to do an amazing job!

I will be taking it with me today to do 'P's shower, it has water spots all over it too.  Not quite as bad as our's though!

I'm really excited to do it and have her notice!  I'm sure she will.

Once I'm home again I am going to do some sewing, I have a couple of orders I really should get on with.

I wonder what Stew will get up to while I'm out?  Maybe I should leave him a list?  lol
Nah, the poor man is on holiday, so I better just let him relax ... well, at least for the morning!  *smiles*


9.40 am... and Stew is going to come and help me this morning! Yaaa... I have a gofer 😊👍💜.

We are going to do a grocery shop after my job. So that will kill half the day.

12.55 pm:  And we are home from me job, had lunch and are now going to leave for Hamilton.  Grocery shopping.  Oh Yaaa.

ABOVE:  Tonight's dinner will be... Beef and Bacon stew with veges.  Nice.

DOGSTARS:  YEP!  Bang on.  Got sick of the haters giving me a hard time about eating 'poor cows', not to mention the pigs, chickens, fish and everything else that breathes.  lol

Seems because I actually love cows I shouldn't eat them.  WHATEVER.

Tired.  Just home from getting the goddam groceries, and Stew and I have put them all away.

Now?  Nothing for a little while me thinks.

8.42 pm:  And late afternoon I remembered I had an FBG walk booked for this evening!  So I made dinner then Griffin and I went on the walk.
It's the first full walk I've done in what feels like weeks!
I must admit I felt like I was struggling a bit during several parts of the walk... but I trudged on and got it done.

ABOVE:  Photo taken 3/4's of the way around the section... I was hanging out for the end!

Home now, and just watching some TV... watching some You Tube too.


  1. One thing to remember about that shower cleaner - if you wipe down the water after the last shower of the day you never need to use that C-Thru again. I did my showers years ago and the water spotting has never come back, they are still as clear as when I used it! Also, I think that doing the showers at your cleaning job should be an "extra" cost over and above normal cleaning.

  2. Wow... that is impressive! I just need to rally up the motivation and muscle strength to rub those glass doors.

  3. Iagree with Lynda we dry the glass after every shower.Also use white vinegar in a spray bottle on the tiles,and windows, lots cheaper.The Old Moo.

  4. We squeegee our shower after each use and that makes a massive difference. Magic eraser cheapies are really good as well

  5. Uh Oh - Did you recently endure some lectures from a vegetarian? The "animal" dinners have not been on the blog for a while now!

  6. can't wait to see your new artworks..... so exciting!!!!! Christy xxx

  7. Shower looks brill may give it a try and then do the dry down on the doors each time afterwards like the others suggested. We always do the tiled floor dry downs on each shower but the big shower doors are what we wanna try,

    Good on you ones doing the walk Looks like a gr8 crew .. Love the wee nite nite picy at the end (smiles)


  8. My mom won't even use her shower because she hates water spots lol


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