Thursday, April 04, 2019


Well... after much hunting around and tapping shit on my phone ... I found out that the Samsung Health app on my phone does way more than I thought!

It can record my steps per day, the distance per day, calories burnt and so, I can use that as my way to tell how far I walk each day.  Excellent!

It can also be used to measure my heart rate and stress levels, how long I sleep at night, oxygen saturation levels and god knows what else!

So.  Sorted.

Today I'm off to my little house cleaning job again.  THIS TIME I am 100% fit and healthy, thank god.  I can do it on me own this time.
It will be good to see just how long it does take me to do it.

I'm actually looking forward to it!

And I'm thinking of advertising on Facebook for more homes too.  Just have to get up the courage to put myself 'out there'.

  ABOVE:  I made this little ad thingee, what do you think of it?  
If enough of you think it's OK, I might put it on Facebook in the next day or two.

After 'work' I will come home, have me lunch then do more sewing.

AND... before I leave:

ABOVE:  a laugh for the start of the day.  Just cos.


11.45 am:  and I'm home from my job.  And I have to say it... I'm bloody proud of the job I did.  That house couldn't be much cleaner!
The only thing I didn't do was all the windows.
I managed to do a few, mostly the ones that the animals had marked, and looked horrible.

It took me (on my own) 2 hrs and 21 minutes.  I timed myself!  lol   I am sure next time it actually won't take me that long, as I did do a lot of things today that won't need to be done again for a month or two.

Now, I've put some more washing on here, and am about to take a break for lunch/relaxation.
AND I feel fine too... no problems with sore butt or back!  YES!  *smiles*

Well ... I just put my little 'Advert' on Facebook.  About to put it on a few other local sites now too.

And just like that, I have another house to clean!  Two mornings a week too.... so I'm happy as!  Best thing about this is... I'm my own boss. I get to work the hours that suit me.  No early mornings ... I don't do early mornings!  lol

4 pm:  And Wow!  Looks like I have another one!  Friday, once a fortnight.  I'm going to meet the lady tomorrow afternoon to discuss details.

Well... it's been a very interesting day.  I've now got several irons in the fire, some look quite promising.
It's been nice having Miss Z here, Brylee and her have spent the afternoon/evening giggling like schoolgirls!  Well... lol... Miss Z is a schoolgirl and Brylee is only just not a schoolgirl.  *smiles*  edit:  just realised ya probably have no idea about Miss Z!  She's the daughter of a friend, and we are caring for her for the next few days while her Mum is out of town.

Time to sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Yes yes yes definitely put that on Facebook mum.. sell yourself.. you will do an amazing job today.. will you be doing her glass shelf again or just dust them..

    Let me know how you go oh and time yourself. Or text me when you hey the and then when you leave.

    Miss Harvey the Cleaning Fairy

    Love ya Kelly.💙💙

  2. I think you should GO for it!! YES.

  3. Yeap agree go for it chick. U might find its easier and more financially rewarding than winter markets lol.

  4. yep...go for it Chris, put yourself out there.
    Im sure you'll get recommendations from your present house owner too.

  5. Ad sounds great. Plus cleaning house is good exercise. I keep my phone on me all day tracking my steps. I ty to do 10 thousand a day but dont always make it. I need to lose weight so I need to do better! I bet that house sparkled today,uour home always looks so tidy!

    1. Yes, my house is almost always TIDY... maybe not as clean as it could be though! If there was just a dusting fairy I'd be much happier! lol

  6. oooh nice. How many houses would be ideal?

    1. I'm hoping to have every morning .. Monday to Friday booked with a house. So half way there already!

  7. Yay, I'm so pleased the house cleaning is working out for you!! I was hesitant to suggest it initially but you'd talked about doing cleaning at the school. I think it's great because as you said, you are your own boss - that's exactly why Megan loves doing the cleaning too. It's also great exercise and the money will certainly come in handy!

  8. That is great Chris. Glad that your advert has garnered interest so quickly and you have jobs lined up already. Busy,Busy,Busy. Way to go!

  9. Remember Judy at Atiamuri,She started at our house years ago, and now has ateam of ladies helping her.The rate your going youll be doing the same.Well done.The old Moo.

  10. Glad you're getting busy with these houses...sounds like lots of work coming your way.
    Don't forget to leave some "me" time for yourself.

  11. Seeing walking and working lordy I'm tired just reading about it lol.


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