Saturday, April 27, 2019


Morning!  I have a couple of ladies popping in this morning to pick up stuff I put on Pay It Forward late yesterday afternoon.  So I better get up and get dressed!

We de-cluttered the back shed yesterday, and two items have already gone to new owners,  which is neat.

Today's plans are for Stew and I to de-clutter the attic!  

Of course, Stew won't be that keen to do it, cos getting up into the attic is a right fag, but we are on a mission to get rid of everything we don't need or want any longer.  I'm loving it!

Once that is done, I can do some sewing or painting... though I still need to finish off my drying area.  I've got some thick plastic sheeting to attach to the top of the shelving unit, so dust and insects don't ruin me paintings.

Maybe I'll do that first?

The other thing I do want to get done today is all the washing, general housework and so on because... tomorrow I am going to Auckland for a couple of days.

Steve sent Bex down to Invercargill on a little holiday. She wanted to visit her grandmother and see family, so Steve said "Go, it's your birthday present"... so she has.  It's her first time away from her kids EVER.

I'm going up to look after the kids so Steve can go to work on Monday and Tuesday.  That should be fun... I've not done a 'school run' with those kids ever!  And I'm not sure if I have to take Archer to Kindy or not yet either.

I'm sure I will find out once I'm up there.  *smiles*

So, a busy day planned ... better get on with it!


1.05 pm:  Well, another day going to plan.  We've been working in the garage most of the morning.  I've taken a car load of 'stuff' to the Hospice shop, and am about to put a few other things on Pay It Forward too.

Upon reflection, I could have taken a lot of the stuff down to the market with me and tried to sell it, but well... chances are it would have all ended up back at my place! 

So no, best to just gift it and have it out of the house.

 ABOVE:  Stew assures me it was still quite HOT up in the attic!  Poor man, he had to spend quite a bit of time up there, sorting, passing things down to me and so on.

ABOVE:  Our garage an hour ago!  Most of it is gone now... some to be taken to the dump, so back up in the attic and some gifted.

8.58 pm:  well, it's been a very quiet afternoon.  Stew and I ran outta steam after doing the attic!
Takeaways for dinner tonight (Chinese), it was nice to not cook.

Time to sign off for the day.


  1. I'm possibly on school pickup duty on Monday - Jo has damaged her knee so won't be able to walk from the car. Maybe I'll see you at the school? That's brilliant the Bex has a few days off!!

  2. You will have so much FUN looking after the grandies XXX

  3. Great present for Bex. Enjoy the school run 😊

  4. Lucky Bex, I am sure the break will do her the world of good and the grandkids will love having Nana in charge :-)

  5. Lots done there and here in last few weeks . Doesnt it feel good to have sort out and Cull?

    Like you, what we no longer need comes in handy for someone else and the hospice shops etc benefit too.

    Love the pay it forward and Koha shed exchanges that go on there as well .
    Safe trip to Auckland

    Becs will be enjoying catch up time and probably took a Few extra warmies for Invercargill atm.

    Enjoy doing the school run ,,,the grandies love Mum,, but they also enjoy Nana at the gate as well (smiles )

    Have a good week there and thanks for sharing the lovely pics from there as well ..


  6. Wow, you and Stu certainly did an amazing job of decluttering. Something I so badly need to do.
    Enjoy your time with the little grandies, I know they'll love having you there.

  7. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Looks like you had. Good clean out, well done.


  8. So nice for Bex to get a little vacation! Good for you on cleaning out and getting rid of stuff. I got rid of a bunch of stuff before Easter, so nice to have less junk lol.


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