Sunday, April 14, 2019



But at least I'm ready:

ABOVE:  I've got all the layers laid out ready to jump into!  Thermals and Ugg boots, I sure hope that keeps me warm!
Otherwise, Stew will be heading down to the Warehouse for hot water bottles!

All I have to do after getting dressed is put me face on... and that only takes 10 minutes *smiles*.

So, here's hoping it warms up quickly and the peeps come out and buy shit!  I never know how this market is going to pan out.  Last time was quite good!
Fingers crossed this one is too.

I might amuse myself today by taking photos of other stalls?  Or peeps...

Catch ya later, wish me luck.


ABOVE: All set up. Really happy with it. 

ABOVE: This is one of my favourite stalls..  she always has lovely stuff.

ABOVE: This lady is new... and looks as cold as me! 

And WHOOPS! I just bought something totally unnecessary... before even making a cent. Oh well.... too bad. Will show you when I get home later.

OH WOW!!!  I just had a chick come up and say hi to me... I had no idea who she was. But she knew me.. like REALLY WELL... cos she's read my blog for years!!!   TOo funny... and so lovely to meet you ROZ! 

ABOVE: Roz's hubby took our picture... don't I look warm! Lol

2 pm:   happily home again.  Market wrap up:  It was deadly quiet till 11 am, I thought it was going to be a total bust!
But at 11 am I made a few sales, and even made a sale when we were packing up!

So, I'm up a couple of hundred bucks, so I'm happy.  *smiles*  

Now... I'm having me lunch, and taking a break.  
Next on the sewing list of 'To Do's' is more smaller Tree Runners, cos I sold all three that I had today.  And Wonky House Runners.  And Soup Bowl Cosy's.

And... after typing that... I promptly fell asleep!  And snored a bit.  And Stew saw a mouse.  And now I'm awake!

Plotting mouse killing.  I will need to buy some mousetraps.  F*#k... weevils and now a mouse!
Dirty rotten little bastard.

I said earlier I bought 'something' at the market eh?  Well... I have to clean it, so I will show you it tomorrow.  Gotta save something for tomorrow!  

Proud of Brylee today. She worked a full shift, then went on an FBG walk!

ABOVE:  It was a lovely afternoon for a walk too.
My next one is probably Wednesday night.

And that's a wrap for the day folks.  I'm tired and ready for bed... but knowing me that won't happen till at least midnight.  


  1. Hope you get a bit of business today... it's cold!

  2. Stall looks lovely.with all the colours. 8am had my coffee and now will have to get out of bed.The old Moo.

    1. I had my first sleep in in a long time till steve and the kids all came back in. Have a nice relaxing day old moo xx

  3. Well, good sales or not... It looks like you are in good company ! Lots of fun folks!

  4. Your booth looks great - your new set up gives more attention to your booth rather than the adverts in the window!

  5. so glad you had good sales in the end. Sometimes a slow start is discouraging,, but alls good the end ,,

    Enjoy the rest of the day and so neat you met up with a blog reader of yours.

    Stall looks fab as does the lady next? to or near yours Cheers!!

  6. OMG don't talk to me about a mouse... we have had a RAT in our roof (killed with poison after the traps didn't work) and a mouse in the house (also killed with poison after the smart little bugger figured out how to eat the food and not set the traps off!.) Now we have a gecko but I'm not so worried about that :) .

  7. I don't know how u do it Chris...when I was doing market stalls by time packed up I would collapse that be me for the day

  8. Woohoo for good sales!

  9. I’m so pleased Roz came to see you!! *waves at Chris and sister Roz

  10. Ha the stall looks amazing cold I don't think you will get cold.


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