Tuesday, April 02, 2019


WELL... sorry girls, it's going to be a boring day here.

I am sewing.  And fluffing around the house.
And that's about all!

You know how, when you are scrolling through the Facebook news feed... ya sometimes come across something that makes you laugh?
Yeah, came across this one yesterday, it made Stew and me giggle:

ABOVE: It reminded me of the time I had a stand off with a bitch in the Pak N Save carpark, where she parked so close to me she was definitely going to bang her car door on my car when she got out, it was impossible not to!

So I just sat in my car ... and waited, and waited ... for her to move her car.  Cos there was NO WAY IN HELL she was gunna ding my car with me in it!

And after a good 10 minutes of waiting, that dumb arse bitch DID move her car!   WINNER!  She had the most septic look on her face too.  *smiles*

Why do people do things like that?  It does my head in, I'd NEVER do that to someone else's car or property.

Moving on.... I finished the first little Wonky House Coaster last night:

ABOVE:  Rather cute don't ya think?

I have stopped sleeping with a pillow between my legs.
WHY?  Well... doing that did help my 'morning back ache'... but OMG, I was losing so much sleep trying to keep that bloody pillow between my legs all night!
JUST.  NOT.  WORTH.  IT.  My back eases up after an hour or two most mornings, so it's not that bad.

And there endeth my ramble for the start of the day.


RIGHT.  Here's a question for you all.

I'm struggling to price these little Wonky House Coasters.  Usually a coaster is $5, but these Wonky House ones take so much longer to make (an hour each), and are just so fiddly...

ABOVE:  This is where I stand on pricing them.  Please tell me what you think the little coasters should be priced at!

ABOVE: OR  .... should I just not make them as they are not cost effective?

2.15 pm:  And I think I've got it sorted, thanks to you all!

I made one with only one house:

ABOVE: I made it slightly larger, and having just one house on a coaster looks fine.  Do you think so too?  If I make them like this, they will be $5 each, like the other ones I make.
It certainly took way less time to make.

Thanks for the brilliant idea DOGSTARS.

6 pm: 
Brylee is at work.  
Stew is due home from Rotorua in about 40 minutes. 
Griffin is at work, god knows when he will get home.

And I have a chicken and bacon pie in the oven.

AND I'm going on an FBG walk in 45 minutes.

That pie will be on the bench for everyone when they get home.

I hope they leave me some!


Tonight's walk was hard.  For some reason I ache all over, and after the walk my left leg ached ... still is in fact.  
Worth mentioning, my left arm/shoulder/shoulder blade ache all the time too, have done so for MONTHS.  I am sure it's just a muscle strain of some sort, and they can take months to come right.  So I'm just bearing with it.

After the walk I popped into 'Card Night' at Susan D's... and ended up staying and playing 500 with the three that were there.  It was neat playing a game I'd not played in 20 years!

Now, time to just relax before bed, which I am totally ready for I must say.


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Kmart sell body pillows for $20 and are so much better to sleep with than a pillow between your legs, and they don't move.

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Hi I think the bottom two should be $20 not $15 and the little one $15.


  3. Up the medium price to $20 and then $10 each for the coasters or 2 for $15, entices people to buy a matching set of coasters, and then your still making money off them rather then $5 each since they take longer

  4. What Steve says ....great idea!!

  5. You could also put just one house on the coasters to make them easier. Would that be easier? IDK

    1. Not a bad idea Chick! I will make one and see how it looks.

  6. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Late to the party but I also think $15 ones should be $20. Well really what Steve said makes total sense

  7. OMG - That was quick! Now people need to buy two or more to make a neighborhood!

  8. Maybe as suggested above - increase the $15 ones to $20 - but have a 2 for $30 special on them - which would encourage double the sales, then do a similar deal with the coasters - $10 each or 2 for $15.

  9. Definitely think the $15 ones are too cheap. As for the coasters, I’d bundle them up into 4’s - sell them for $25 or $30 .. not many people want to buy just one coaster. I love them, they are really cute, and really different... Trouble is, people don’t appreciate how much time and effort goes into making these gorgeous one off’s. I appreciate it, your crafts are just gorgeous! X

  10. I love the wonky houses and yes your stuff is way too cheap!


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